Seducing the Myth – nominated for award

We’ve mentioned the ‘Seducing the Myth’ anthology before since Fulani has a story in it (here’s a list of places you can get hold of a copy).

And we’ve just been told it’s up for ‘Best Anthology Published in 2011’ in the Preditors and Editors poll. P&E is part of the Critters Workshop site, an online literary workshop that specialises in science fiction, horror and fantasy (including erotica).

If you’d like to vote for the collection that would be appreciated, because it’s up against stiff competition, and not just from other erotica because obviously the site includes horror, SF, and other kinds of fantasy (and you might even find some other interesting stuff to read there at the same time!). Voting’s been running since just before Christmas and closes in a couple of days.


Congratulations, Lucy!

Well, we haven’t posted for a bit – the house move, Christmas, New Year, writing, all the usual time-of-year things plus a few more…

However, an email came through today from Xcite about the Xcite Awards 2012. The awards celebrate and recognise companies, reviewers, bloggers and sexperts who value and support the erotic fiction market. Voting is open until February 13th and winners will be announced on St Valentines Day 2012.

A friend of ours, Lucy Felthouse (you may remember her as editor and publisher of Seducing the Myth, which contains one of Fulani’s stories) is in the running for two awards – best blog/author page (as and best reviewer (as So congratulations, Lucy!

If you want to see the full list of categories and nominations – and vote – there’s a Survey Monkey web page for the Xcite Awards that has all the info and a ‘vote’ button.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing happy 2012 to everyone who’s read this blog!

Seducing the Myth – now cheaper!

This just in from Lucy Felthouse: she’s reduced the price of ‘Seducing the Myth’ on All Romance eBooks for the next two weeks. You may remember she edited and published the ‘Seducing the Myth’ collection, which is twenty-something erotic stories based on various myths, and includes Fulani’s ‘Andi in Chains’, which is an ever-so-slightly perverse re-telling of the Andromeda myth (chained to rocks at the seashore as a sacrifice to a sea monster, rescued by Perseus, and so forth).

If you get (or give) an e-reader of any description for Christmas it would make it a nice stocking filler, so to speak.

No, we don’t know what price it was or what price it is now – we’ve been too busy moving house to pay attention. Last week’s thrill was seeing rainwater flowing off the roof slopes and into gutters, along them and then into a downpipe (as opposed to flowing off the roof and spattering all over the outside walls). This week’s thrill was seeing a log-burning stove installed in the living room and working. Next week’s thrill… well, who knows? Fulani may have found his collection of whips among the still-unpacked boxes, and there may be enough space in the house to use them. And then there was the interesting trick we saw on a TV programme last night, involving soap bubbles and hydrogen. It must be possible to do that at home…

A couple of other announcements to follow shortly so don’t go away.


iTunes erotica!

We’ve just caught up with the fact – via a random conversation with another author – that a lot of Fulani’s material, including the two recent novellas The Vampire Skye (released 2 November) and Addicted to Rope (released 9 September) is now available on iTunes. As is Lucy Felthouse’s  Seducing the Myth collection, including a Fulani story.

They’re all items you need to pay for, of course, though our iTunes also indicates 458 free erotica novels and novellas along with the 11,000 or so that have prices attached.

Happy exploring!

In other news, we’re doing the last-ditch manic packing of boxes prior to moving and will probably not reappear her until the weekend…

Seducing the Myth – paperback and blog post

Two quick things.

Seducing the Myth, the Lucy Felthouse collection with one of Fulani’s stories (‘Andi in Chains’ – a retelling of the Andromeda myth in a very contemporary style) is now available as an actual book – a paperback hardcopy via The Book Depository, which is UK based but ships to something over 100 countries including the US and most if not all of Europe, and a lot of other places as well. More than that, shipping is free.

And there’s a piece by Fulani on Lucy Felthouse’s blog, the ‘Myth Monday’ entry for 24th Octobber 2011. It explains the background to the myth – the characters, who they were, the geography of it and how it relates real places you can still visit today – and offers a few insights into how he wound up writing the story in the way he did.



We’ve been pretty lax about updating recently. The reason is we have a pet hedgehog.

Well, not really. But one’s taken up residence in our garden and we give it a bit of dog food each evening. Apparently they do eat the occasional vegetable but their main diet is slugs and snails, which makes them a gardener’s friend. And since their digestion is designed to cope with primarily meat, the ‘traditional’ offerings of bread and milk that people used to give them actually makes them very ill.

Apart from that we found another house we really like, and (just as importantly) can afford. We’re not completely impoverished writers but neither are we unimaginably wealthy… The place we’re after has a large garden, big enough for a dedicated summerhouse/playspace at the end of it, and backs onto fields.

Our current house is now on the market, and getting to that point meant de-perving it. ‘De-perving’ usually means putting the whips under the bed – which we have done, along with the canes, a mile or so of rope, chains, a leather sling and a bunch of other stuff. But in our case it also meant disassembling the dungeon equipment and trucking it back to the lockup. It was a whole big deal and took a while.

Anyway… oh yeah, reviews. Fulani commented a post or two ago that often, reviews seem to take forever to come out. But in this case, apparently not.

Fulani’s novella, Addicted to Rope, is available from Xcite, and on Kindle from or (and a few other places). And it’s been reviewed by Sizzling Hot Books. The reviewer says:

It sucked me in quickly and I wasn’t ready to let go at the end. Fulani is very good at giving Ruth and Leo a lot of depth in a short amount of time. The transformation that overcomes Ruth is quick, but detailed. You can get a good feel for how her mind is working as she accepts and challenges what Leo presents to her.

Addicted to Rope is hot. The pages sizzle with anticipation, fantasy, and intimacy. I would recommend Addicted to Rope to anyone who likes reading a lot of the mindset of characters exploring being submissive and anyone who likes the psychological development of a character in their erotica.

Read the whole review here.

Meanwhile another piece just out is ‘Andi in Chains’, a short story in Lucy Felthouse’s edited collection Seducing the Myth – available on download from, and elsewhere.

This has reviews by NightOwl Reviews, who says of Fulani’s story:

Andi in Chains by Fulani – Re-imagining of Perseus and Andromeda’s meeting was certainly different! Andromeda–better known as Andi–was into bondage and kink, Perseus was a tough son of a gun mercenary and well virgin sacrifice took on a different twist. This story amused me and was possibly my favorite.

and of the collection as a whole:

Overall I have to say I was pretty pleased with this anthology. The stories were on the fairly short side, but were by in large really hot.

It’s also reviewed by Mitnik at Erotic Whispers, who says:

Andi in Chains by Fulani was a tale of bondage and kink and certainly hit the mark with its very unique take on the meeting of Perseus and Andromeda. Full of fire and passion that is sure to get your imagination sparking and ready for the rest of this erotic ensemble.

and of the whole collection,

Overall this is an interesting and varied collection with a variety of tales, a true cornucopia of endings, beginnings and middles with lots of lusty passion, tantalizing intrigue and witty charm to keep you coming back time and time again to dip into this treasure trove and pull out a fresh gem.

Finally, JBP Reviews says of the book,

A collection of short stories filled with erotic intent with tons of mystical creatures this book is a great read! I found myself reading each story in earnest and wanting more and more.

So all in all, it’s good feedback on the novella, the story, and the collection the story is in.

And now back to the mundane world of buying and selling houses… and finishing another novella and the next novel, both promised to publishers by next week…

Seducing the Myth (and other news)

Yes, time goes quickly. Only recently back from one trip away and just off on another. Hopefully we’ll have time to do more fireplay, and get some video as well as still shots.

Meanwhile, Fulani’s been busy experimenting with new jute rope, so expect a somewhat technical post on ropework sometime soon. Velvet’s been processing pictures and writing, so expect more from her sometime soon.

And the other news is that Fulani has a short story in Lucy Felthouse’s edited collection Seducing the Myth (link to, opens in new window), which has been available for the last week or so except we’ve been slow on the uptake.

If you’re in the States, the link is this one.

The collection as a whole has 24 tales that lead you on a decadent journey through mythologies the world over. Stories come from Greek and Roman periods, plus Arabian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish, Norse, Slavic, Sumerian and Welsh myths and legends. Add in a delicious sprinkling of fairies, mermaids and ancient fertility rituals and you have a recipe for a wickedly erotic read!

The full list of contributors is: Louisa Bacio, Lexie Bay, Rebecca Bond, Shan Ellis, Justine Elyot, Lucy Felthouse, Lisa Fox, Fulani, K D Grace, Bronwyn Green, Hawthorn, Caz Jones, Burton Lawrence, Maxine Marsh, J. C. Martin, Jillian Murphy, Lydia Nyx, Rachel Randall, Kay Dee Royal, Toni Sands, Indigo Skye, Elizabeth Thorne, Saskia Walker.

Fulani’s story, ‘Andi in Chains’, is a retelling of the Andromeda myth in a pulp fiction style (well, why not?). Teaser:

Forget the rumours. Here’s how it went down, for real. Andromeda – we always knew her as Andi – was one of those rare beauties, the kind who look like a porn star except none of it’s fake. Masses of wavy blonde hair, nice figure, long legs, lips the colour of pomegranate seeds. She knew it, too. Always in shorts or miniskirts and tops that showed a good bit of cleavage.The thing was, none of the guys would touch her. Word on the street was that she was still a virgin, which in this neighbourhood was nothing short of miraculous. Most of the girls here are well on their way to being mums or prostitutes, or both, by the time they’re fifteen.
There was a reason why she was off limits. The reason being her dad, Ceph, was the hardest, nastiest Class A dealer you could think of. You don’t get to be that way without putting a few people six feet under, and everyone knew he’d done it. One time he even nailed a guy’s dick to a telegraph pole just for “looking at Andi the wrong way.”

Have fun!