Fulani story in Erotic Review

Just a quick note that the January issue of Erotic Review (issue 117, the ‘Free Love’ issue) has a story by Fulani, ‘Nostalgia, All over Again’.

Bearing in mind the issue is very sixties-themed, it’s a kind of homage to a little bdsm scenario out of Oh, Calcutta! – and maybe one or two other iconic films, books and plays of that era.

Erotic Review is a subscription-only e-publication, but good value at only £25 for 12 issues. It has a mix of features, provocative thinkpieces, stories, artwork and photoshoots – and even things like erotic crosswords, just to prove it’s classy and upmarket (which it is) and has some intellectual muscle (which it does). Hell, even the twee New Yorker style illustrations, rather than the liberal use of photos, proves it’s not your average ‘erotic’ fare.

If you don’t want to pay the subscription, you’ll have to wait until the story turns up on their free magazine page. However, the three mags on the free page don’t currently include any issues with Fulani’s stories in… so just pay the money!

If you’re really looking for a free story on here, look at the previous posts – and if you’re read those already, you’ll have to wait a day or two for the next one because it’s not finished yet!

Playing with fire, a post by Fulani

Eye of the fire

Eye of the fire

Yes, we enjoy playing with fire. Literally. And we don’t really do small fires, because usually we’re out at a pagan camp in the middle of a field somewhere, so there’s room to do stuff like fire-flogging and the kind of thing that Fulani describes as ‘flinging fire around’.

Fire has many attractions beyond fetish and bdsm, because it stirs our primal and primitive senses. But it can be incorporated into bdsm play in a wide range of ways. Our ways tend to be big and crude, require some preparation due to safety issues, and there’s a lot of safety information in this post. But even if you’re just playing with a couple of candles, take care, because setting fire to your bedroom lampshade causes a whole lot of hassle – and setting fire to your bedsheets is only fun if it’s a metaphorical fire and not a real one.

To digress for a moment, Velvet Tripp is pagan through-and-through, while Fulani just thinks the credo of ‘Do as ye will an’ harm ye none’ is a good basic moral code. Not that that’s important, except to explain that this is the kind of thing we do in front of an audience, and a long way from anything (cars, houses, tents and so on) that might catch fire. Unless you have at least an acre of garden DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!

Fire flogging

Fire flogging

Anyway… fire flogging is quite spectacular. However, and obviously, it can also be dangerous, and requires a lot of care and attention if it is to be done with any reasonable degree of safety.

In particular, you need to ensure:

    – the person being flogged either has very short hair or has it tucked well away from any flames.
    – the person being flogged is naked, or at least any clothing is well out of the way. Clothes can catch fire.
    – there are fire extinguishers instantly available. Water may be an option but be aware that burning paraffin can just float on it. CO2 extinguishers are better.
    – spare paraffin containers and other burnables need to be well out of harm’s way. This also means preventing the risk of them being knocked over by spectators or set fire to by a careless smoker.
    – those being flogged, doing the flogging, and anyone else involved have not been drinking or doing anything else that might make them lose concentration.
    – the audience is well out of harm’s way, if necessary behind a safety barrier of some kind.
    – since it’s usually done at night, so the flames are easily seen, those involved should have checked and set up the area earlier, during daylight. Check there are no obstructions on the ground, etc. etc. Also make sure a torch is available.
    – what’s the ground like? Dry grass, especially long grass, will burn. Make sure you’re not going to set fire to the area you’re performing on. If necessary, hose down the ground!
    – if restraints are involved there needs to be extra consideration for safety. Who’s going to deal with the situation if the person doing the flogging has managed to set themselves and their victim on fire? Can the victim be released quickly (as in, within a few seconds)? Is any stock of paraffin far enough away not to pose a threat? What’s the safeword? And so on.

The flogger we use is extremely home-made – about 8 strands of wicking secured to a couple of feet of old broom handle with a jubilee clip. Soaked in paraffin for a couple of minutes it makes a big, scary flame – and if you’re holding it, remember it’s got to be kept spinning all the time it’s burning. Otherwise the strands hang down and the flame will take all the skin off your hand.

The victim: I wipe down Velvet’s back with a damp cloth. A thin layer of water is a reasonable extra precaution to prevent burns. ONLY the back/buttocks, and only with the victim standing or bent at the waist; trying to flog someone’s front risks facial burns, scorched pubic hair (unless shaved of course) and other nasties.

The flogging relies on speed. It looks spectacular but the ends of the flogger strands are only in contact with skin for a tiny fraction of a second. So the victim does get a certain amount of heat, but the main effects are the roar of the flames as the flogger spins and what looks to an audience like a circle of flame consuming someone.

Don’t go for a ‘hit’ every time the flogger swings. Give skin time to cool a bit: maybe a couple of quick brushes on someone’s back with the end of the flogger, then move away for several seconds before doing it again. And if someone has a hairy back, have them shave it first!

We don’t have any usable pics of Velvet being fire-flogged, so the one above is him flogging someone else.

The pic at the head of this post, by the way, comes from Fulani swinging six feet of burning kevlar rope around. The rope is attached to a short chain and this links to a handle made from an 18-inch length of broom handle. While six feet of one-inch diameter rope is surprisingly heavy, it can be swung at speed to create the effect you see in the pic.

All the previous warnings apply. Fire doesn’t have favourites and you don’t have a ‘relationship’ with it. If you’re going to try this out, take all the safety precautions mentioned above and try it out with an unlit rope until you have enough skill not to wrap it around yourself. Burns clinics are not fun places.

Fireplay is, it has to be said, a primal and satisfying thing. There are plenty of people who enjoy it, and even an annual festival of fire – we think called the Fire Gathering – you can find out more about from firetoys.co.uk who also sell fireplay equipment and, crucially, have a forum that includes safety topics. Neither the site nor the advice is fetish oriented, but the equipment and advice is the same whatever you’re planning. Just remember that like many fun activities, from rock-climbing to motor racing, observing safety precautions is an absolute must.

Fire drumming

Fire drumming

We do other things with fire as well. Fulani has a fire drum, basically a metal tray on a firm support, onto which a thin layer of paraffin can be poured. Hit it quickly with a firestick and the paraffin that jumps into the air will catch fire while what stays in the tray won’t. It’s an add-on to some of the other stuff we do.

Now for the sales pitch. Fulani’s playing with fire has not only been captured on camera, but the photographer has released the images on a range of products – mugs, posters, mouse pads etc. – on her Zazzle store. Fulani on a mouse pad? Who’d have believed it? If you look at the image below and the Fulani logo used on this site, actually, you’ll see the logo is a cropped version of the mousepad pic…

Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle (mouse pad etc!)

Would we benefit financially if you buy stuff there? Frankly, yes. But equally frankly, it would take an awful lot of mouse pads even to make enough pennies to buy the next couple of litres of paraffin and make one or two other firetoys…

Skull iphone case

Skull iphone case

Finally, just to show what else is available, here’s a skull on an iPhone case that the same photographer has on Zazzle. She’s nothing if not versatile.


Wait – no mention of books and fiction? Well, Fulani’s Secret Circus novel does have a fireplay scene towards the end. But then it’s got a lot of other scenes in it as well, including the steam-powered fucking machine… Time’s a little tight at the moment but when he has time, he’ll do a fire story for the blog.

Top Ten Toys for BDSM Play

Are you new to this stuff? Do you wonder what all these scary looking toys are about? If so, this is just for you. There are lots and lots of toys you can use during BDSM play. Here are a few of my favourites to help you get acquainted.

  1. Floggers. These vary in the width of each thong and they also vary by the texture of the materials they are constructed from. The best way to choose a flogger is to decide what kind of stimulation you want from it.


    Thin rubber or thin, stiff leather ones will sting if used with any force. Softer leather or suede ones will ‘thud’ more and are really useful to ‘warm up’ the skin. Most reputable sellers will indicate on their websites what type you are buying, and are nearly always willing to advise you if you are not sure which ones to go for. If you can make it to a BDSM fair, sellers will allow you to try them on your own skin to ensure you get what you want.

    Selection of floggers

    Selection of floggers

  2. Pinweels. Often known as the Wartenberg pinwheel, there are now a few variations around, including a plastic disposable one and a seven wheel one. These look vicious, but can be used very gently over the skin, even nipples, as long as the user does not apply too much pressure. In any event, they are a pretty safe toy that can provide a lot of fun teasing and waking up the subs’ skin.
    three wheeled pinwheel

    three wheeled pinwheel

    Historically these had a medical use, for testing skin/nerve sensitivity – though it’s pretty obvious why they’ve become bdsm favorites and are now widely available…

  3. Crops. These are very easily obtained from any riding shop, but check out the crop before you buy. They do vary in stiffness and width, and this will affect the sensation on the skin. The stiffer they are, and the smaller the tress or ‘tongue’ at the end, the more they are likely to sting!
  4. Canes. The thinner these are the more they will sting and the more chance they have of breaking the skin, so new doms beware and practise before doing any serious play with your partner. Thicker ones, again, will be more ‘thuddy’ but when delivered hard will make your sub howl. Once your sub is blindfolded, Fulani tells me it’s great fun scaring their sub by ‘swishing’ them in the air really hard, but not actually hitting them this hard. There’s another toy involved here…which is listed at the end of my top ten.
  5. Nipple clamps. These vary from the howlingly painful (which your sub may or may not appreciate) to fairly stimulating. Some are made like clothes pegs, with a spring to close them. Others screw up so are more adjustable. I would go for these if you’re unsure how much stimulation your sub’s nipples can take. The idea is to leave them on for a while (from a couple of minutes to about twenty in my case) but beware! The longer your sub has them on, the more noise they are likely to make when you remove them, as this allows a blood rush back into the nipples and this obviously can be quite painful. I like this, but if you are new, experiment to find out what you like!

    Screw type nipple clamp

    Screw type nipple clamp

  6. Paddles. These are flat, paddle like spanking toys that can sting quite a lot. They aren’t one of my favourite toys, but they may be one of yours. Again, they will vary in intensity depending on what they are made of and how wide the paddle is. Softer suede will be less intense than a wide, stiff leather one. Try before you buy or choose from item descriptions on the website you’re looking at. Studded ones are going to hurt more than flat ones!

    Selection of funky paddles

    Selection of funky paddles

  7. Restraints. From ankle and wrist straps to collars and rope, being retrained is part of many a BDSM play scene. Nice, broad, well fitting straps are best for comfort and long scenes. They will minimise the need to adjust during play, which can be a distraction! Rope should be used only if you know how to tie them correctly and you are aware of the Safety issues involved. Rope knots should never press on tendons or ligaments, and your sub should not end up with a huge knot pressing into their back when led down. See the earlier post we did showing the correct way to tie the wrist. We will be doing more bondage tutorials, so call back again for them. Collars should fit well. Your sub should never be left alone if the collar is tethered to anything. They are fun to attach a lead to when moving your sub around.

    Black/purple restraint set

    Set of restraints

  8. Gags. Not a toy for the beginner unless you have a particular fetish for them. I found it took me a while before being prepared to try them. You cannot speak with one in [Fulani adds: though you can make attractive and quite loud mewls and squawks!] so you do need another way to indicate should you need to be released for any reason. My Fulani gives me a small ball to drop, but we’ve also used hand signals in these play situations. You must be able to trust your dom to act immediately if you need to be released. [Fulani adds: our hand signals are similar to some scuba diving ones – finger and thumb in an ‘O’ for OK, a flutter of the hand for ‘this is borderline’ and a raised middle finger, ‘giving the bird’, for ‘red: I need this to stop NOW’].
  9. Vibrators. Well, I don’t think these will need much description, but they are sometimes overlooked and shouldn’t be. From your standard rabbit to more powerful vibrators intended for deep muscle massage can be pressed into BDSM play. Experiment, ensure your sub has a way for indicating when they’ve had enough and amass a nice collection of them.
  10. Last but not least, the best BDSM toy, and it’s free. Your brain is the best toy you have. Imagination can build intense anticipation, fear, excitement or whatever else you want out of a play session. Use email to tease each other before the play event. Talk to your sub once they are blindfolded (another useful accessory) and tell them what you’re going to do to them. Tease them with scary stories. It all depends on what you and your sub want out of a play session. I remember once turning up for a play session and Fulani quite innocently showing me his new chef’s kitchen knife. We had a meal then decided to play. When I felt cold metal on my skin and realised it was a knife I was truly scared (which is a turn on for me in this situation). My brain told me it was that huge, sharp new carving knife. We had a great session. Later, once the blindfold came off, I realised the scary huge knife was actually a little blunt one Fulani uses to tease subs! My brain had done the rest very well. Trust is vital when playing, and again something only you, your partner and your brains can develop. And that depends on communication. So talk lots, agree a safe word or way of letting your dom know you’ve had enough and talk again after a session, especially if either of you felt uncomfortable about anything.

As a little extra encouragement, stimulate that brain. Give it some ideas to cogitate. How about a story? There are free ones on here, but Fulani and I also write for a living. Go on, find new inspiration. Find more stories by Fulani and VelvetTripp here.

Have loads of fun, and play safe!



Pics used to illustrate this article are all taken by Velvet for our friends (they live round the corner) Freak Clubwear. You’ll find all these items for sale on their website and at the stall they run at various fetish fairs such as the monthly Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar.

Jane’s Guide says we’re quality!

We’re extraordinarily pleased to announce that Jane’s Guide, one of the best known and most respected guides to the ‘adult’ web, has reviewed us and thinks we’re quality. You can see their review here, and we’re pleased Jane thinks we’re a ‘nice author site that has the definite possibility of growing into a really lovely BDSM resource’. We’ll do our best to fulfill that prediction!

You’ll also see our badge of pride, the clickable ‘Jane’s Guide’ logo, in the left sidebar of this page.

Starting out in BDSM? Munches, fetish fairs and events – the real deal

wordle word cloud for this post

It seems fairly common for people who have an interest in bdsm, but who aren’t yet sure of themselves, to shy away from actual human contact with other kinksters and try to satisfy their interests online.
While understandable, it’s not always the best solution. There are plenty of places one can go online to discuss bdsm, but sometimes real-time, face-to-face communication is the most direct way to ask questions, share experiences, gain knowledge, discuss feelings and so on.
One of the best places to start is a munch.
Munches became popular over 20 years ago on the bdsm scene as a low-pressure way for people to meet informally. They started in the US and the idea spread to many other countries. They’re usually regular events and run at pre-set times, for example the first Wednesday of every month at a regular location.
There are probably somewhere around 40 munches every month up and down the UK, though no one’s really counting. You can normally expect ten or twenty people, though some are smaller and a few are occasionally larger (Fulani remembers going to one in Nottingham a few years back that just grew and grew, ending up to be around 70 or 80 people, but that’s rare!).
Advantages of going to a munch: it’s in a public place, usually a bar or bistro, and if you don’t like it you can just walk away. No one dresses up, though many are held in ‘goth’ pubs where some leather and PVC is regarded as acceptable if you’re so inclined. Unless the munch details specifically allow it, there will be no bdsm play at a munch. Usual protocol is to contact the organiser in advance so you’ll be expected and welcomed (many have dedicated ‘meeters and greeters’ who will meet you outside, answer any questions you have, and introduce you to people. They’ll also generally look out for your welfare.
You’ll discover people there don’t have two heads, are not monsters or sociopaths (excepting Fulani, who probably is a sociopath) and do have lives and interests outside bdsm.
Still interested? Try a fetish market. There are several up and down the country: the London Fetish Fair, the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, SWAMP in Bristol and others. A fuller list appears on the calendar of InformedConsent (can’t remember if you have to join the site to view it, but joining it is free anyway). At fetish fairs you’ll be able to browse stalls, ask questions of stallholders, watch demonstrations of different techniques, and in all probability meet people from your local munch or even from online groups. At the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, for example, by custom and tradition people who know each other from Alt.com have one specific gathering place; those who know each other from various goth websites (Netgoth etc.) have another, and so on.
Fetish events, equally, aren’t nearly as scary as you might imagine. For one thing they’re not usually massively crowded – there’s no point in having play kit there and no room to swing a whip! Organisers are usually happy to meet and greet, discuss concerns by email before the day, offer advice on dress codes, appoint someone to look out for you, and so on.
Best advice for going to a club for the first time: whether dom/domme or sub, don’t assume that the first time you go to a club you’ll hook up with the person (or people) of your fantasies and play. Especially don’t, as a dom or domme, march in and demand that everyone should bow down before you. You’re an unknown quantity and people will want to get to know you before playing. Give other people room, don’t interfere in their scenes, watch, listen and talk. And be polite! Most people will be happy to chat, answer questions, etc., if they’re not in the middle of a scene.
So don’t feel intimidated by getting to know your local fetish community. They’re just people, and by and large they only bite if you ask them to.
Above all, have fun!


The image at the head of this post is a ‘word cloud’ from http://www.wordle.net – have a go with any text you want to use and see what designs you can create…

Kidnapper – new free erotic story by Fulani

I posted ‘Kidnapped‘ a few days ago. This is the same story, but from the kidnapper’s perspective…



It’s more difficult than you’d think to kidnap someone, even if they want to be kidnapped.

You have to work out how to do it unobserved; a location with no witnesses, no CCTV, preferably no way to trace vehicles from nearby street cameras. You have to co-ordinate people, places, surveillance. And because it’s the fulfillment of a kidnap fantasy, you need to brief everyone involved and make sure they know what they’re doing and what the victim’s limits are.

It takes a while to set up.

Snatching Jessica from right outside her house went perfectly. She hadn’t made me as I’d tailed her, relaying her position to the team. Because she’d had a couple of drinks on the way home, she wasn’t paying attention to our car, which was twenty metres from her front door. Paul and Phil, the snatch squad, simply stood in the deep shadow cast by a convenient tree. Jessica herself had been expecting the kidnap at any point from five o’clock onwards, so after almost three hours of nothing happening her attention had wandered.

It was only from her perspective that nothing had been happening. We’d been keyed up, ready and waiting, for the whole of that time. And we were ready to give her exactly what she wanted…

They had her hands cuffed behind her back, and the hood on, before she knew what had hit her. She was too surprised even to struggle as Paul picked her up bodily and placed her in the back of Rob’s SUV. He climbed in after her, so he and I sat either side of her while Phil took the front passenger seat.

I leaned in close, telling her she was going to be punished, tortured and turned into a fuckpet. I was explicit. I was pornographic. Jessica’s squeals were precisely halfway between excitement and terror.

While Paul ripped her blouse open to release her breasts, and squeezed her nipples, I parted her thighs and moved the thin strip of material to stroke her shaved mons, her clit, and then put two fingers into her unresisting cunt. She moaned, and shifted in her seat to allow me even better access.

Rob lives out in the country, in a property that has an outbuilding fitted out as a workshop. He parked on the driveway. Jessica looked cute, standing there in her hood and cuffs, wondering where we were and what would happen next.

She looked even cuter when we’d finished removing her clothes with a big pair of scissors; naked except for her fuck-me-now red high heels. Her nipples puckered at the slightest breeze, and there was a telltale tremble of frightened anticipation in her belly. I put a collar and leash on her. A pull on that, and a spank on the arse from Phil, was all she needed to make her move uncertainly, testing the gravel surface with each step.

We exchanged the metal handcuffs for leather ones, Jessica’s wrists now held above her head by a chain to an overhead beam.

‘I’m going to punish you,’ I told her. ‘Not because you’ve done anything wrong, but because you’re a slut, and because it’s a taste of what will happen if you don’t obey my orders. And because I can. Ten strokes, and if you yelp I’ll start the count over again.’

Since we’d only just started, I didn’t even consider using the bullwhip. I picked a heavy suede flogger from the workbench and used it on her arse, her tits and her back. Its characteristic ‘thwack’ sound echoed harshly off the workshop walls.

However, because it was a flogger, I didn’t hold back. She bounced and twisted in her bonds like a fish trying to escape a hook.

Ten strokes, clear of any yelps or squeals. It took forty-seven strokes to achieve that.

When she stopped shaking, we let her down. But only so we could put her in the cage in the corner of the workshop, hands still locked in front of her by the leather cuffs.

‘As far as I’m concerned,’ I told her, ‘there’s only one reason to take the hood off you. You need to say the magic words. You need to tell me you’re a fuckpet and a suckslut, and you want to suck all of our cocks.’

She mumbled the words. I made her repeat them until they were loud and clear. Until she wasn’t just repeating them, but believing them – not, of course, that she didn’t believe them before. She had negotiated with us to be treated this way…

I removed the hood.

She was as good as her word, and her throat was deep.

There were, I remind you, four of us. It took an hour and a half, and by the end of it, one cock after another, she was unable even to close her mouth properly, let alone talk. Dried juices plastered her face. Phil took pity and rinsed her down. ‘Otherwise she’ll have layers of it on her, like candle wax.’

Now that was an idea…

It was the work of a minute to have her out of that cage, in fact lying on top of it face-up, ankles and wrists secured to the bars. Rob and I had the candles. She squealed as the first splash of hot wax hit her left tit. In fact she squealed every time a splash of hot wax landed on her skin. It was very gratifying, though she probably didn’t appreciate our evil chuckles.

There’s only one way, in my opinion, to get wax off flesh when it’s cooled, and that’s with a flogger.

Jessica has those wonderfully big, sensual, pleading eyes that seem to ask why people want to hurt her. And the answer is: because she looks so damn sexy when she’s being abused.

I stopped when all the wax was off. Actually I didn’t, I confess I carried on for a while. ‘Look, is that another little piece?’ Thwap. ‘I’d better make sure it’s gone.’ Thwap.

Her body was rosy and shaking when I finished.

How we kept up the pressure: simple. We took six-hour shifts, so the next time I saw her was mid-morning on Saturday.

Jessica didn’t look like she’d had a whole lot of sleep. There were cane marks on her buttocks, more spunk across her breasts. I dragged her to the bathroom, let her pee and gave her a drink of water, then put her under the shower. Especially for her I turned the water to freezing, so she jumped and squealed and gasped for breath.

‘You need warming up,’ I observed casually. ‘A flogging should do that nicely.’

On wet skin, interestingly, it also stings more, as Jessica discovered.

By Saturday evening the poor girl was exhausted. Hardly surprising, because she’d been systematically beaten and fucked on the hour, every hour, for twenty-four hours. She was barely coherent. We showed her no mercy, though, because sleep deprivation was part of the brief, part of the deal.

I think she already knew, before the kidnap, what the word ‘fuckslut’ meant. At any rate, when we put her over a trestle and strapped her down, and I pulled her head up by her hair, her mouth was already wide, tongue out, to receive my cock. We spit-roasted her, me in her mouth while Rob fucked her.

Afterwards, I found it extraordinary how the disheveled look suited her: she looked sexy as hell with mascara streaks across her face and a blob of my spunk on her lip.

While she was finding her breath, we moved a pile of tarps to form a makeshift mattress, anchored her wrists to eyebolts in the wall and ankles to piles of circular weights from the weightlifting kit. The position, spread-eagled on her back, was probably the most comfortable – or least uncomfortable – she’d been in for the whole time we’d held her. Remarkably, we noticed after ten minutes that her hips were gyrating. As she flexed her thighs there was, I saw, a wonderful little concave spot, almost a dimple, running alongside the tendons of her inner thighs. It seemed to be winking at me.

There’s nothing easy about having four men fuck you, one after the other, the pressure of their thighs against yours, the violence of their thrusts bruising your mons and clit, the knowledge that your bonds make you helpless, not just literally but symbolically as well.

We were relentless, but even then I doubt we plumbed Jessica’s depths.

Much later, before we took her home, I made her kneel on the floor and thank us for treating her well.

‘You know,’ I said, ‘We could have been really unkind. We could have used nipple clamps. Taken you for a walk on your hands and knees, like an animal. Tortured you with a cattle prod.’

‘I thought you were saving those for next time,’ she replied.

I slapped her face, not too hard, just enough to make her realise who was in charge.

‘So when are you kidnapping me again?’ she asked.

We fixed a date and sealed the deal with a blowjob.

Next time there will be six of us.


The pic used in this post is by a friend of ours, Jon Wilson. His website isn’t online at the moment but if you like his pic and are interested in buying prints of his work we can put you in touch with him. Use the contact form on our ‘About’ page.

If you liked this story, you might like to know Fulani’s novel The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation also starts with a kidnapping and contains numerous scenes of bdsm and rough sex…

New Stories Accepted for Publication

Great news! I’ve just proofed one story for publication in March with Xcite books. The story is called Tropical Paradise and will appear in a collection called ‘Sex At Work’! That was the contract I thought was so amusing last week! Then there’s another collection called ‘Wanton Women’ coming out in June. I have another story that will be in that, called ‘Go Find Yourself’, with the same publisher. My first story with them was ‘Tooth Fairy‘, in their ‘Lust Bites’ collection, so that will be three stories with this publisher. Great!

I’d better get on with the next story then!