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Hi folks. We are Fulani and Velvet Tripp, a couple who love all things erotic – and write erotic stories. Fulani often draws on his extensive experience in the fetish world for inspiration. Velvet Tripp is his partner and sub, whose work often springs from her bisexuality. We don’t live the lifestyle, we play it and don’t take life too seriously. As we build this blog you’ll find links to our published work but also free stories, both erotic and fetish, straight erotica and lesbian and gay fiction, hints and tips for playing in BDSM, bondage articles, reviews, product reviews (usually of things we’ve actually purchased), news, musings and the occasional rant – and some humour. We are very aware of safety issues and some of these will be discussed, too. We are open to answering questions, so don’t be shy and ask us if you want to know anything about the fetish scene. We’ll help if we can.

Incidentally there’s a short quote from Fulani (and a pic by Velvet Tripp) in a Forum magazine article on fireplay – Vol. 42 No. 11 (the same issue that had a profile of Xcite editor Miranda Forbes).

About Fulani


Fulani playing with fire

I’ve been in, on or around the fetish scene for almost two decades – early on I acquired the nickname ‘Fulani’ and it’s stayed with me, so it’s the name I use for my erotic writing. Over the years I’ve written short stories in various genres and first came to erotica in 2008, when I spotted a call for submissions from Erotic Review. They took a piece of mine ‘The Phenomenology of the Whip’ and I’ve been writing erotica ever since.

Inspiration for my stories comes from a range of sources – knowledge of the bdsm world, obviously, but also dreams, things I see or hear in the media, conversations I overhear in the street, even academic books and articles. I’m usually working on several stories at any given moment.

My partner is Velvet Tripp, who also publishes with Xcite. She says I’m a very normal, ordinary person most of the time – except for when I open my mouth, or when I’m quiet and have a glint in my eye.

I also blog at fulanismut.blogspot.com and fulanismut.tumblr.com, and have author profiles on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads and for those of you who use Fetlife.com I have a profile there too.

About VelvetTripp

Velvet hanging around

I haven’t been on the scene as long as Fulani, coming to it in about 2001. But I was as a duck to water and found it gave me the freedom I’d needed for a long time. Fulani and I met not long after I’d found the first few events to attend. When he started writing erotica, I thought I’d see what I could do and now have my own stories published as well. We’re both very keen on safety and respect issues which are all important in this area.

It’s true about Fulani. He gets a certain glint in his eye (especially when we’re playing) that means I’m in for an ‘interesting’ time. His stories can do the same for you!

I also have profiles on goodreads and fetlife.com.

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