A fetish nursing home for your retirement? Thoughts by Velvet Tripp

While out the other night, we got into a conversation about old age and fetish. We had a laugh considering what kind of nursing home would be ideal for elderly fetishists. We know for a fact the urges to be sexual don’t go away, and a sweet tale of a ninety-something asking a member of staff in a nursing home to buy her a new vibrator while out shopping made us think (she apparently asked for a glow-in-the-dark one so she wouldn’t lose it under the duvet!).

There are the obvious jokes – sensory deprivation achieved by removing glasses and hearing aids, restraint by taking away walking frames, and caning done somewhere the dom can get a run-up to the sub’s backside using a mobility scooter with the cane held out at the right level. But since we recently posted here about a bondage garden, we thought: why not a fetish nursing home? The house and gardens could also be adapted to the special needs of the physically challenged.

Equipment for lifting could be used or converted to use as a sling, but if the dom involved also was unsteady, a walking frame would need to be stabilised in some way to work with only one hand steadying it instead of two.

Whipping benches may need to be lower so that the dom could sit down to do the business, and bondage tape might be easier to deal with than rope. Gags would possibly be difficult with false teeth (if anyone can enlighten me on that one I’d be grateful as my own teeth aren’t brilliant and might not last the course).

Blindfolds are simple enough, but what about suspension, whipping, crops etc? Maybe a sling could be used under tired bones once ropes have gone on for suspension. A pulley would get the sub and sling in position. Some equipment to keep an unsteady dom upright while wielding a whip, and perhaps a nurse to catch him on standby would be in order.

And of course they’d have to stock plenty of lube for the residents and extra power sockets for all those magic wands and other paraphernalia that doms carry around in their suitcases full of toys. The suitcases wouldn’t be needed, but plenty of storage would, and be easy to access.

Then there’s the music. Hopefully they’ll play Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails and other such atmospheric stuff for play nights. Don’t laugh; even these days, some people in nursing homes are in their sixties and thus spent their formative years listening to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix – it’s not that unusual to hear such stuff in homes, apparently. I can’t imagine playing to Boyzone or Herman’s Hermits, though…

In the garden the arbour would need a winch to get you up there. Nettles might be a bit too cruel for thin, delicate elderly skin but there are other plants that would give a milder rash! The cold stone whipping bench could be padded with cushions and kneeler pads (the sort you use for gardening) left around for residents use. A few walking stick cabbages could be grown for their later use to help subs back to their feet after using the kneeler pads.

What kit could you dream up for a specialist fetish old people’s home or complex?

Pink Flamingo website changes – important

If you’ve tried to purchase Fulani’s ‘Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation’ from Pink Flamingo’s website in the last couple of days you’ll have found it shows as ‘product not available’. You may have found similar problems with other ebooks from other publishers as well.

This is because major credit card companies have decided to withdraw services from ‘adult’ websites offering content that includes or depicts coercion and nonconsensual activity. Since the ‘Secret Circus’ book opens with a description of an abduction, it’s one of the many products Pink Flamingo have had to remove from their site.

Third party sellers remain unaffected, so the book is available from Amazon Kindle and AdultEbookShop, and apparently also in Nook format from Barnes and Noble.

Meanwhile, Pink Flamingo have plans in motion for the continued marketing of titles they’ve had to remove; these include a separate web outlet outside the US, since this is a US domestic policy, and further third party sales through non-US sites such as BDSM-Books.com. Excerpts from books will be taken over to their free story site, which will be revamped for this purpose: http://www.freeeroticstoriessite.com.

Finally, the print version remains available – but contact Pink Flamingo directly and be prepared to pay with a check (or cheque), or money order.

Pink Flamingo comment: “This is obviously a significant change in our business. It’s not the first time that there has been a conservative backlash against this industry; we’ve weathered several in our 17 years … While the credit card companies have every right to deny their services for purchasing certain products, we consider this a free speech issue and a form of censorship.”

Links elsewhere on this site will be updated shortly. [Edit 22 June – links have been updated and now take you to AdultEbookShop unless otherwise specified].

‘Lust Bites’ and ‘Sex at Work’ reviews!

The Xcite ‘Lust Bites’ collection, with one story by me (Fulani) and one by Velvet Tripp came out a while back, but we’ve just heard it’s been reviewed over at Coffeetime Romance.

They say of Velvet’s story, ‘Tooth Fairy’:

Megan is helping her friend at a convention when an author comes up to her and starts a conversation. After a night of intense pleasure with the vampire, Megan finds she has not had enough and must find the vampire to get her kink fix once again.

Ms. Tripp knows how to keep the reader craving more. The way the story bounces from Megan herself to what she was reading in the novel was great. It adds moments of extra eroticism to this spicy tale. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

And on my story, ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’:

Sasha is surprised when the stranger comes up to her and tells her he likes her poetry. Somehow she ends up following Byron home and gets to know the real man himself very intimately.

This is a sexy read. I did feel as if it were a little stranger than what I like, but it really seemed to add to the overall element of the story. Fulani makes vampirism seem elegant and wordy and bold and romantic.

So we both feel pretty good about those kind words.

Since then, Velvet contributed a story to another collection, ‘Sex at Work’, which was reviewed by Sizzling Hot Books. While not specifically mentioning her (the review focuses mainly on the lead story), the reviewer did like the collection as a whole: ‘I would recommend Sex at Work anthology to anyone who has fantasies about sex at work, or who likes to read about those.’

I’d put proper links to the books in this post but it’s late and they’re on the ‘Our Publications’ page anyway!

Follow up to ‘Emotional Safety During a Scene’

There’s a Combichrist song we like to use as background music when we play called ‘This Shit Will Fuck You Up’. It was on the other night. I remarked that actually, this shit can sort you out! There’s a good reason for that. The memory I had that prompted the original post Mental and Emotional Safety During a Scene has, over recent weeks, been aired, sorted and ousted from my life and psyche. I had to work at it. I had to talk a little more about it, and I had to act on what I felt was right for me. In this case, I needed to regain my self esteem and self respect that had been damaged all these years by my past, forgotten event. Bringing it out into the open via the vehicle of BDSM, although an accident and a shock at the time, was very freeing and has had a positive effect in many areas of my life, not just the sex.

This is a world where you have to communicate clearly to your play partner. Otherwise you get stuff you didn’t want, and what’s the point in doing it if it’s NOT what you want? That’s not very satisfying for you and not for your play partner either. Dom or sub, you hopefully want your play partner to enjoy the experience in their own way as much as you want to yourself. People with low self esteem find it very difficult to assert their own needs. I am, due to the purge of the past, much more able to do that. Not only in the bedroom/dungeon but in everyday life too.

And that improvement in my life came partly through more play. Another scene. A much more positive one (well, two actually). It’s a great way to act out stuff you can’t in any other arena I can think of with someone who cares enough to see it through with you and be there should you need them to be.

If you have the support of a good play partner go for it. Explore new territory, dare to push your boundaries. Just remember to deal with stuff if it appears, however painful (and I’m not talking welts!). Don’t try to ignore it. You might find it more freeing than you think.



This is something of an experiment, a proof of concept. Unfortunately it failed, because it turns out we need to upgrade the blog in order to play audio with the image. Oh well. Looks like we may need to set up a Vimeo account or something in order to make the idea work properly.

The image, anyway, is a Wordle version of a piece of flash fiction you can find over at Fulani’s other blog.

Going shopping – free flash fiction by Fulani

Just an idea for a scene. It’s an idea I’m working on in another context for something yet to be published…

I’m on a mission. Out clothes shopping. He had me walk out of the house wearing my long leather coat and heels. And makeup. And that’s it. Gave me some cash, suggested I try the charity stores.
The inner lining of the coat is cool and smooth on my skin. I take longer strides, letting the material swish against my thighs. The way I walk means the coat opens more, gives people in the street flashes of naked inner thigh.
The first shop has a short skirt, black, hugs my hips, pleated to flare, hem only a few inches below my cunt.
I take it to the changing room. Pull off my coat, take a shot of myself naked in there with my mobile phone. Send it to him.
Next store: a plain white shirt, short sleeved, thin material, tight across the breasts. My tits will show through. In the changing room, I take a pic of the material stretched over my nipple. Send it to him.
On the street market, I buy holdup stockings. Go into an alley to put them on. The tops are a couple of inches lower than the hem of the skirt. Strip of bare skin there. Picture. Send.
In the park I take an upskirt shot, since I have no underwear.
Cruising the streets again I meet Lola and Felix. Tell them what I’m doing. We go for a drink. I put my head on Lola’s shoulder.
“You and me, ladies’ toilet, now,” she says.
We make slutty poses, her hand inside my shirt, mine on the inside of her thigh.
I send him texts. Lola sends him the pics.
Then we have an idea. My next text is: Please may I suck Felix off in the toilets?
You can guess the reply. Lola takes the pics, and a movie, and sends them to him.
I’m storing up trouble for myself.
I like the kind of trouble I’m storing up.
When I get home, I take off my coat and stand in the hallway. He comes out to meet me. Rope in his hands.
Rope on my wrists, pretty quick. Then I’m in the living room, where the big wooden frame is already set up. He’s done that while I’ve been gone. And standing there, bound, I watch all the pics and the movie which he’s uploaded to the TV system.
Damn, I’m hot.
While I watch the TV I feel his eyes inspecting me.
He plays with my labia for a while. Puts two fingers in my cunt. It’s very wet, now. He avoids the clit, and I squirm, trying to get him to apply pressure there.  He chuckles. Then he goes into the kitchen. Comes back with a pair of scissors. The big, bad scissors, the kind you can cut hunks of meat with. Runs the blade lovingly over my skin.
Then starts cutting off the clothes. Slowly, leaving them in tatters. Uses strips off the shirt as a gag.
Which was the point of buying the stuff from the charity shops in the first place.
Talks to me softly, menacingly, about what a bad slut I’ve been.
I hear him unfasten his belt buckle, pull it through the belt loops on his jeans.
And I’m shivering with anticipation and pleasure.

Dream Lover 2000

Just had to share this. We had a bunch of pervs over this evening and one of them mentioned the Dream Lover 2000 instructional video. We pulled out the laptop and checked it out. Instant roomful of pervs collapsing with laughter.

The URL is: www.dreamloverlabs.com/dl2000.php (will open in new window) – scroll to the bottom of the page and at the lower right you’ll see ‘Psst… New to male training? Turn on your speakers and click here.’

It’s an instructional video that’s serious yet done in a style that will have you chewing the carpet.

Just be aware the device is somewhat expensive!

Adult Ebook Shop now stocks ‘Secret Circus’ and ‘Hanging Around’

Just had an email from Adult Ebook Shop, a UK based site, announcing they now have agreements with both Pink Flamingo and Renaissance to stock my books.

The link for both titles is  www.adultebookshop.com/Fulani-all-titles.php.

This will make it easier for peeps in the UK to order and pay in sterling rather than dollars.

They also have a bio of me (admittedly patched together from back cover blurbs) at www.adultebookshop.com/Fulani-biography.php.

In other news – not been posting much here the last few days because both of us have been writing a lot and working on some other things that will hopefully see light of day (or light of electrons on computer screens!) quite soon. And no, I’m not dropping any hints. Just wait.