Seducing the Myth – now cheaper!

This just in from Lucy Felthouse: she’s reduced the price of ‘Seducing the Myth’ on All Romance eBooks for the next two weeks. You may remember she edited and published the ‘Seducing the Myth’ collection, which is twenty-something erotic stories based on various myths, and includes Fulani’s ‘Andi in Chains’, which is an ever-so-slightly perverse re-telling of the Andromeda myth (chained to rocks at the seashore as a sacrifice to a sea monster, rescued by Perseus, and so forth).

If you get (or give) an e-reader of any description for Christmas it would make it a nice stocking filler, so to speak.

No, we don’t know what price it was or what price it is now – we’ve been too busy moving house to pay attention. Last week’s thrill was seeing rainwater flowing off the roof slopes and into gutters, along them and then into a downpipe (as opposed to flowing off the roof and spattering all over the outside walls). This week’s thrill was seeing a log-burning stove installed in the living room and working. Next week’s thrill… well, who knows? Fulani may have found his collection of whips among the still-unpacked boxes, and there may be enough space in the house to use them. And then there was the interesting trick we saw on a TV programme last night, involving soap bubbles and hydrogen. It must be possible to do that at home…

A couple of other announcements to follow shortly so don’t go away.


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