iTunes erotica!

We’ve just caught up with the fact – via a random conversation with another author – that a lot of Fulani’s material, including the two recent novellas The Vampire Skye (released 2 November) and Addicted to Rope (released 9 September) is now available on iTunes. As is Lucy Felthouse’s  Seducing the Myth collection, including a Fulani story.

They’re all items you need to pay for, of course, though our iTunes also indicates 458 free erotica novels and novellas along with the 11,000 or so that have prices attached.

Happy exploring!

In other news, we’re doing the last-ditch manic packing of boxes prior to moving and will probably not reappear her until the weekend…

5 thoughts on “iTunes erotica!

    • As best I can tell, despite it being iTunes I think it’s an epub format file not an audio file! Audio recordings would be cool though. Incidentally I asked Renaissance Sizzler why their stuff wasn’t on there and got the reply that it’s happening right now and they should start appearing there in the next few weeks.

    • Nope – moved house, and phone and broadband connections have been screwed as a result. How that happened is a long story in itself but it should be sorted by Weds or Thurs. Meanwhile we’re contactable on here, including via the ‘contact us’ email box on the ‘About’ page.

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