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Quick notes: if you use iTunes you’ll find most of our stuff there. Search in the books section for ‘Fulani’ or ‘Velvet Tripp’. If you read on your iPhone, several of the sales sites listed below (in particular Smashwords, Diesel and Ebooks-Eros) should also meet your needs and a few of our stories are also available at iphoneapps-home.com. In addition to the sites listed below most of our Xcite publications are also available at Books on Board (search for Fulani or Velvet Tripp). 

If you use Overdrive you’ll find quite a few of our books and stories listed there. Again, search under our names – Fulani and Velvet Tripp.

NB – In April 2013 Renaissance Sizzler redesigned their online shop (shop.renebooks.com) and have a new URL:  sizzlereditions.com. Redirects are in place.

Filthy Money coverFilthy Money, and other stories of sex in the gutter by Fulani. A collection of eight kind-of-erotic stories of desperate sex, sexual perversity and moral degeneracy from the margins of contemporary society. Largely based in the world of those surviving on casual work, welfare benefits and occasional illegalities – a world full of perversity, irony, chaos and occasional humour. Contains bondage and bdsm in styles you should not try at home! Our first attempt at self-publishing on Smashwords, and it’s in their premium catalogue so it’s available elsewhere via their links with other distributors – Kobo, Diesel, Ebook-Eros, B&N Nook Store etc. The picture link (left) and text link (above) take you to the Smashwords product page where you can view the first 20% (one and a half stories) for free. Warning: if you buy this book you may encourage Fulani to write more like it…

Voodoo Fetish cover picture Voodoo Fetish, by Fulani. Novella published by Xcite Books. Part Two of the Voodoo Trilogy. Eloise is back in England, working in a language teaching school and trying to live with the idea that she’s periodically possessed by spirits from a religion she doesn’t believe in. She has vivid dreams with episodes of strange sex and starts to write a dream diary. Among the sexual scenarios, she finds the lyric to a song she’s never heard. None of this makes sense until, in an old cemetery, Eloise encounters some crows, a dead-and-buried witch, Baron Samedi – and Mack, an ‘urban primitive’ vodou shaman. It makes even more sense when she learns the daughter of a work colleague has been hospitalised with a mystery illness. The kind of illness that requires voodoo working to heal. Eloise knows exactly how this is going to pan out. The ritual is going to rely on her special talent to enjoy sex. Sex that includes bondage, domination and submission. Buy the Kindle edition from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Ridden coverRidden, by Fulani. Novella, published by Xcite Books. Volume 1 of the Vodou Trilogy. Eloise is riding in a taxi when it has an accident. She has concussion. Or maybe not, because it happened by a graveyard, near a houngan, when a travail was in progress. For someone who identifies as atheist, what follows is an existential challenge. When she has sex, the lwa ride her. Or maybe they ride her in order to take her straight into the kind of sex that has strange consequences? An original take on the paranormal with (ahem) lashings of BDSM action. Complete in its own right, though two later novellas will develop the story. Buy the Kindle edition from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Corporate Slave cover Corporate Slave by Fulani. Erotic novel, published by Pink Flamingo. Fierce BDSM, set in a dystopian near-future in which words like ‘justice’ are used with irony and private police forces have quotas and targets for the numbers of prisoners to arrest and take to forced labour camps. Cassie is a sales assistant in a convenience store until she gets caught up with a resistance movement, and taken prisoner. Then very bad things happen to her. Some of which she likes, except she’d prefer them to happen with different partners and in a different setting. And she has to try to make that happen. Available as a paperback and an ebook from Pink Flamingo’s Erotic Book Network, also from Adultebookshop in four different ebook formats (including Kindle), from SmashwordsDiesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, Waterstones, and of course for Kindle at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

A Woman Possessed coverA Woman Possessed by Velvet Tripp. Erotic novella from the Naked Delirium collection (see below), published individually.  Stella is left fighting for her very body and soul when a pagan ritual goes suddenly wrong. Sexy, and with jeopardy – because spirits don’t always play by human rules. Paranormal, menage and BDSM themes. Buy ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords (multiple formats – and remember to turn adult filter off!), Diesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, AllRomanceEbooks, Kobobooks, Sony, Waterstones and probably some other places as well. Smoking Hot cover

Smoking Hot by Fulani. Erotic novella from the Naked Delirium collection (see below), published individually. Hypnosis is a powerful tool. It helps Hannah give up her 40-a-day habit. At the same time, though, it unlocks repressed desires. A chance purchase and a casual coffee give Hannah the opportunity to become a different person—and act out her fantasies for real. BDSM and menage themes. Buy the ebook from Amazon.com (pic also links here), Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords (in multiple formats, and remember to turn adult filter off), AllRomanceEbooks, Kobobooks, Sony, Diesel Ebook Store, Ebook-Eros, Waterstones and probably some other places.

New cover image, The Museum of Deviant DesiresOld cover image, The Museum of Deviant DesiresThe Museum of Deviant Desires, by Fulani. Novella-length collection of 11 short stories. 1001 Nights Press. The left pic is the newer cover, the right hand pic is the older cover which you may still find from some sellers. Stories range across men’s adventure magazines with their sleazy sexploitation and politically incorrect pictures of tortured women; sex and bondage in an abandoned building and a burned-out car wreck; sex, photography, and the internet, the technosexuality of vacuum cleaners, and what characters in bdsm stories think about the painful pleasures the author inflicts on them. The title story explores the late-night weirdness of sex, perversion, and fetish at a music festival. Some of the stories are re-edited and lengthened versions of posts from this blog; others are unique to the collection. Buy it from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble (for Nook users), Kobo, Sony, Diesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, and of course Amazon.com  and Amazon.co.uk. Pic links to Amazon.com.
Reviewed on Amazon.com: ‘Fulani is one of that rare, as yet officially unclassified species of erotic writer, the “meta-sexual;” a delightfully self-referential species noted for its uncanny ability to pleasure open-minded readers with intense multiple “brain-gasms” …  The eleven very-short stories in this collection are sexy and cerebral; breezy, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny and utterly addictive … Fulani strikes just the right balance between light fluffy diversion and crunchy intellectual substance, letting his horny inner nerd come out to play the most scintilatingly kinky games; whimsically creating new words and worlds even as he establishes fascinating new paradigms for the next generation of erotic fiction … a trenchant critique of contemporary erotic literature with its finger firmly on the g-spot of popular culture; a tasty treat, not to be missed.’ Also reviewed at BDSMbooks.com: ‘Fulani’s writing is nuanced but accessible and of great quality, and his grasp of both the submissive and dominant mindset is spot on and comes through in every story … absolutely recommended if you are looking for something gritty, modern, playful, and strange.’

Hanging Around - cover Hanging Around & Other Captivating Erotica, a collection of 12 short stories by Fulani. Renaissance Sizzler Editions, 2011. The stories follow Mariska’s erotic exploits in the city where she works as a barista but is looking for a life less ordinary. She finds it through some of the coffee bar customers, who are part of the city’s bohemian underbelly. Her journey of self-discovery takes her from being an extra in an indie zombie film, to artist’s model, and eventually to fetish performer and diarist of the city’s fetish and bdsm subculture. Themes include straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bondage, bdsm – and art. Buy in ebook format from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk; Barnes and Noble (Nook edition), AdultEbookShop, Fictionwise and direct from Renaissance Sizzler. Cover pic on left links to Amazon.com. Reviewed by Star at BDSMbookreviews.com: ‘This is a refreshing tale of being able to revel in your sexuality as Mariska partners with men and women to explore new sensations. Hanging Around is a must read if you are looking for unique flavors from a woman who has had a life many of us wish we could lead. Enjoy her exploits as if they were your own.’

Secret Circus cover image The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation, erotic novel by Fulani. Pink Flamingo, 2010. When a circus sets up camp outside their small town, Amy and Paula are drawn to its exotic allure. And the two young women are surprised to find the performances are more explicit than they had imagined. After the main show, they’re invited to a special late-night performance that sounds too enticing to ignore – and that taps into secret sexual fantasies they both share. But the ringmaster has a talent for hypnotism, and before the night is over they find themselves kidnapped as the circus’s newest recruits, performing submissives in the S&M world of the circus folk. Though there are perils and dangers along the way, this is a fate they’ll come to embrace. Includes bondage, bdsm, rough sex, steam-powered fucking machines and much, much more. Buy it from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AdultEbookShop, BDSM-books and Nook format from Barnes and Noble,  plus Kobobooks and Sony. Also available as either ebook or print paperback from the publisher’s Erotic Book Network (picture link is to Amazon.com). Review of The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation by Sharazade – extract from the review: “It’s what my friends all asked me… Did it pass the ‘wetness test’? Yes. Oh my, yes.”

Cover for The Vapire Skye The Vampire Skye, novella by Fulani. Xcite books. Leah works for the Authority, a secretive government department dedicated to managing the vampires who live in society and keeping their presence hidden from the human population – a job made  difficult by government cutbacks. Her latest client, Skye, wants to flee the Authority’s restrictions – and if that means feeding from Leah in the process, so be it. As disorder sweeps the city and the ordinary rules of engagement no longer apply, how will Leah deal with all the problems Skye throws her way – not least the fact Skye is her dominant fantasy lover made undead flesh? Lesbian vampire bdsm with menage scenes. Ebook from Amazon.com (pic also links to this source), Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks and directly from Xcite Books plus Barnes and Noble Nook store, Diesel Ebook Store (including for Android and iPhone) and Waterstones. Reviewed by BookAddict on The Romance Reviews: ‘It exceeded my expectations in world building, hot characters and erotic sex scenes. I look forward to reading more from this talented author. I recommend this to Sapphic readers who enjoy a paranormal story dominated by a sexy female vampire.’

Addicted to RopeAddicted to Rope, novella by Fulani. Xcite Books. BDSM, spanking, f/f and m/f themes. Ruth’s work leaves no time for a boyfriend. Travelling a lot for work, her sex life revolves around one-night-stands – which she finds increasingly unsatisfying. In a hotel bar one night, she encounters a professional bondage rigger. His occupation might be strange, but he’s more together and more interesting than most of the men she meets. When he offers her a challenge, she can’t resist. And it leads her into an addiction to rope. Ebook available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Diesel Ebook Store (including for Android and iPhone devices), Ebook-Eros, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble Nook store and direct from Xcite Books. ‘Addicted to Rope is hot. The pages sizzle with anticipation, fantasy, and intimacy. I would recommend Addicted to Rope to anyone who likes reading a lot of the mindset of characters exploring being submissive and anyone who likes the psychological development of a character in their erotica’ (Review at Sizzling Hot Books).

Short stories, contributions to edited collections etc.

Naked Delirium cover Naked Delirium is a collection of five novellas from Sweetmeats Press, edited by Kojo Black, on a theme of ‘sex in altered states’. It contains Velvet Tripp’s novella ‘A Woman Possessed’, Fulani’s ‘Smoking Hot’ and three other novellas by Sommer Marsden, Kristina Wright and Vanessa de Sade. Illustrated by Georgio Verona. Available in paperback from Amazon.com (pic also links to this) and Amazon.co.uk, plus it’s stocked at selected branches of Waterstones bookstore. Also available as an ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Kobobooks, Waterstones paperback and and ebook versions, and apparently a bunch of other places we don’t have links for yet.
All five novellas are also available as individual ebooks (see above on this page for links to ours).

Sex Art and Aromatherapy coverSex, art and aromatherapy, individually published short story by Fulani. Xcite Books. Ruby is already experienced in BDSM and fetish, and she’s surprised to meet an older man in an art gallery, of all places, who also seems experienced in that world. He tells her stories about how, in his youth, BDSM was simply one part of a wider and more spiritual quest. Ruby sets off on a journey to discover some enlightenment of her own… Available at Amazon.com (picture also links here), Amazon.co.uk, Kobobooks, Sony, Waterstones and direct from Xcite Books.

First Day at Work old coverFirst Day at Work, new cover
First Day at Work
, by Fulani. Short story individually published by Xcite Books. Linzi’s first day at work isn’t quite what she expected. For one thing, part of the warehouse stock is sex toys. For another, the other woman in the office has a very intimate relationship with the manager and the warehouse man. When it turns out they’ll be staying on to receive a late delivery, Linzi finds out that much more than work goes on in her new workplace… Available from Amazon.com (pics link here), Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Waterstones, Sony and direct from Xcite Books.

Vampire's New Plaything coverThe Vampire’s New Plaything, by Fulani. Short story published individually by Xcite Books. Nikki has the Sickness. That’s what the vampire hunters call it. The unquenchable desire to be bitten, to be preyed upon, to become a thrall, perhaps eventually to be made. To become a vampire herself. But finding the biter, the predator? That’s the hard part. At nights, she tosses feverishly in her bed. And then she runs out of milk at 2 a.m. What happens next is as unexpected as it is certain. And along the way, she saves a man’s life. Contains m/f vampire and bdsm themes. Available from Amazon.com (pic links there), Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Diesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, Waterstones, and direct from Xcite Books.

Making Her Pay coverTricks for Kicks cover‘Filthy White Dress’, short story by Fulani, in the Making Her Pay five-story collection and also the 20-story Tricks For Kicks collection. Chloe doesn’t get the job. What she does get, by way of compensation, is dinner with the mysterious but attractive Dr. Vogel. He’s insistent she should wear a white dress, but it’s what he wants her to do while wearing it that’s kinky and slightly surreal. Their unlikely relationship flowers, though, and Chloe finds herself drawn into his colour-coded world. Making Her Pay is available in ebook format from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Waterstones and AllRomanceEbooks, and directly from Xcite Books. Tricks for Kicks is available as: Amazon.com ebook; Amazon.co.uk paperback and ebook; Barnes & Noble Nook store (also as paperback), Kobo ebook, Waterstones paperback and Xcite Books paperback and ebook formats.

Submission in Silk cover Wanton Women cover‘Go Find Yourself,’ by Velvet Tripp, in the five-story collection Submission in Silk and the 20-story collection Wanton Women. Both collections are lesbian themed, though ‘Go Find Yourself’ isn’t exclusively a lesbian story. April has turned thirty. She’s lost direction in her life and has always stayed with the ‘safe’ option until her friend Nita encourages her to explore her fantasies with the help of trusted friend Will. Bondage, group sex and submission are the subjects of her imagination. Submission in Silk is available in ebook format from  Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Diesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, Waterstones and direct from Xcite Books. Wanton Women is available in ebook format from Amazon.com as an Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, and direct from the Xcite Books as paperback or ebook. You can also find ebook versions of both collections plus an audio version of Submission in Silk on iTunes. Cover images link to Amazon.com.

Tropical paradise coverSex at Work cover ‘Tropical Paradise’, short story by Velvet Tripp, in Xcite’s Tropical Paradise five-story collection and also the 20-story Sex At Work collection. Ellie works in a hot, humid environment: the zoo’s tropical bird house. But it’s not just her work that keeps her hot and sweaty: Sam, one of the other keepers, does that for her too. Tropical Paradise is available as an ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Diesel Ebook Store and Ebook-Eros, Waterstones and the publisher, Xcite Books. Sex at Work is available as an ebook from Amazon.com or  Amazon.co.uk, and from Xcite Books in paperback, epub and PDF formats.

Also find this story in Cocktales Vol. 3, from Xcite Books – also on Kobo, Ebook-Eros, Diesel Ebook Store and Waterstones paperback and Waterstones ebook.

Red Hot Reads 2 cover‘A Question of Control’, short story by Fulani, in Xcite’s Red Hot Reads 2 ebook 5-story collection. Lydia is used to getting what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. And she wants Marcus. It turns out fine, though not quite in the way she expects. Maledom/femsub story with bdsm theme. Collection as a whole has a range of erotic themes including bdsm and paranormal. Available from the usual sources: Amazon.com (cover pic also links there), Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks and direct from Xcite Books.

Spirit Lovers cover‘The Incubus Candle’, short story by Fulani, in Xcite’s Spirit Lovers collection. The candle was a large and faithful representation of a phallus. It wasn’t the kind of thing Lauren would normally buy, but it would be a talking point for the girly evening she’d planned. The shop assistant told her to be careful when she lit it. ‘These things work really well’ she said with a knowing smile. Lauren snorted, thinking the comment was flippant, and rose to the bait. She bought two. And lit them both at the same time. That was when the real fun began… Collection has five paranormal stories in total. Buy in ebook format from Amazon.com (cover pic also links there), Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones or direct from Xcite Books.

Lesbian Love Two cover‘Painting the Flat’, short story by Fulani, in Xcite’s Lesbian Love Two six-story collection. Janine wants to decorate her new flat when she moves in, and gets help – and more – from someone she’s only ever seen from afar. What starts with painting the walls ends with screaming passion that involves a reel of gaffer tape and scissors. Ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AllRomanceEbooks, Waterstones and direct from Xcite Books.

Six of the Best 2 cover‘Making it Happen’, short story by Fulani, in Six of the Best 2 collection, Xcite Books. Colletion has six spanking stories from different authors. ‘Making it Happen’:  Lisa has a dead end job in a petrol station. But she reads. A new self-improvement book tells her about the law of attraction. If you want something to happen, and believe it will happen, you can make it happen. Lisa doesn’t know exactly what she wants, but has faith that she’ll find something wonderful and exciting. And she gets it, in the shape of the leather-clad biker and an afternoon motorcycle ride into the country. Ebook from Amazon.com (cover pic links there), Amazon.co.ukWaterstones, and direct from Xcite Books.

Cocktales: Kiss in the Dark cover ‘Zen and the Art of Bondage’, by Fulani, in Cocktales: Kiss in the Dark eight-story collection from Xcite Books. When is an orgasm a work of art? When it’s the result of Japanese bondage, of course! Miranda works in a bookshop and when one of her customers keeps buying books on Japanese culture, she quizzes him about his interest. This takes her on a journey from ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, all the way to shibari, Japanese bondage. She discovers the best sex toy you can have is a length of rope… Available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Kobobooks and direct from Xcite Books.

Lust Bites cover‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’, by Fulani and ‘Tooth Fairy’, by Velvet Tripp, both in Xcite Books’ Lust Bites vampire-themed five-story ebook collection. ‘Tooth Fairy’ by Velvet Tripp: Megan’s working on a bookstall at FatalEmbraceCon, a fantasy convention full of people wearing capes and prosthetic fangs. She’s doesn’t believe in real vampires. But there is one at the convention – the author of the books she’s selling. ‘Don’t matter none to me what you believe’ he says. ‘Maybe I’m just the Tooth Fairy. With sharp teeth’ He’s going to feed on her whether she believes in him or not… ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’ by Fulani: by day, Sasha teaches literacy. By night, she writes poems. When a local publishing house is interested in her work, she goes to meet the publisher in the pub used by the local literati. But he’s already drunk, and a tall, dark stranger is there as well who turns out to be mad, bad and dangerous to know. The stranger is not only a vampire, but a poet whose work she’s familiar with. The first person who used that phrase to describe him did so in 1812. Purchase from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones or direct from Xcite Books.

Seducing the Myth cover‘Andi in Chains’ by Fulani, in the Lucy Felthouse collection Seducing the Myth. The anthology contains 24 tantalising tales that lead you on a decadent journey through mythologies the world over. As well as stories from the popular Greek and Roman periods, this anthology will also delight you with Arabian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish, Norse, Slavic, Sumerian and Welsh myths and legends. Add in a delicious sprinkling of fairies, mermaids and ancient fertility rituals and you have a recipe for a wickedly erotic read.

‘Andi in Chains’ re-tells the Andromeda myth in urban punk style. Forget the rumours. Here’s how it went down, for real. Andromeda – we always knew her as Andi – was one of those rare beauties, the kind who look like a porn star except none of it’s fake. Masses of wavy blonde hair, nice figure, long legs, lips the colour of pomegranate seeds. She knew it, too. Always in shorts or miniskirts and tops that showed a good bit of cleavage. The thing was, none of the guys would touch her. Word on the street was that she was still a virgin, which in this neighbourhood was nothing short of miraculous. Most of the girls here are well on their way to being mums or prostitutes, or both, by the time they’re fifteen. There was a reason why she was off limits. The reason being her dad, Ceph, who was the hardest, nastiest Class A dealer you could think of. You don’t get to be that way without putting a few people six feet under, and everyone knew he’d done it. One time he even nailed a guy’s dick to a telegraph pole just for “looking at Andi the wrong way”.

Seducing the Myth is at Amazon.com Kindle (and as a paperback), Amazon.co.uk Kindle (plus in paperback), Smashwords (range of ebook formats), plus AllRomanceEbooks (three ebook formats plus print version here) and probably elsewhere as well. It’s reviewed (average score currently 3.57) on Goodreads, where one reviewer says of Andi in Chains: ‘This story was my favourite of the anthology – taking the bare bones of the myth, twisting it perfectly into a contemporary setting, and heating up the temperature to a high pitch. When Perseus (a ruthless gun for hire) comes across Andi all trussed up for some pirates due to a turf war gone bad, well, things happen. I loved the retelling here – crime families, drug cartels – and it sizzled as well as being an incredibly clever idea.’ Heh… And there’s a promo video on YouTube.

Hurts So Good 2nd ed cover‘The Uniform and the Rope’, by Fulani in the Alison Tyler collection Hurts So Good, second edition. Cleis Press. “The important thing,” Rope Master Robert says, “is that you feel a Zen calmness come over you. This isn’t just being tied up for sex — it’s an art form in its own right.” Available from Amazon.com (links to Kindle edition, paperback also available); Barnes & Noble (Nook and paperback); iTunes for iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone; or Google eBooks, and print editions available among other places from bookstores including Waterstones, Blackwells and WH Smith.

Fulani has too many stories and blog posts to list separately in The Erotic Review – but since it became online only, probably only some of them are still available on the website. You may need to look for old print copies of the magazine on Ebay!

Free stuff

In addition to the free stories we post on this blog (use the ‘free story’ tag in the left-hand sidebar), you’ll find stories of ours for free at the following places:

Succubus’ – free short story in Lucrezia magazine, October 2010

Relieving the Stress’ – originally published in the well-loved but now defunct Oysters & Chocolate on 17 December 2010, it’s now on Fulani’s other blog. Poke around there, you’ll find other free short stories as well.

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