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This just in from Pink Flamingo:

Erotic Book Network (EBN) is now online!
Featuring the entire Pink Flamingo Publications BDSM catalog

Lizbeth at Pink Flamingo announces: “On this site we’ll include all titles with BDSM content, including the nonconsensual titles that were removed due to bank/credit card restrictions. We’ll also include consensual BDSM titles that still appear on the main PF site.

“If you access EBN now, you’ll note that we still have some work to do uploading images and ebooks. However, ALL paperbacks are available for ordering now. We expect most of the ebooks removed from the Pink Flamingo site to be up and ready for download by early next week. All books released in 2011 are ready for download now. It’s great to see these books online again!

“And… We have secured a new credit card payment gateway for the EBN site so books can be purchased with credit card, paypal, check or money order.”

Fulani’s Secret Circus novel is now available on the new site (link opens in new window). We’ll update links to it on this site and elsewhere shortly.

Pink Flamingo website changes – important

If you’ve tried to purchase Fulani’s ‘Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation’ from Pink Flamingo’s website in the last couple of days you’ll have found it shows as ‘product not available’. You may have found similar problems with other ebooks from other publishers as well.

This is because major credit card companies have decided to withdraw services from ‘adult’ websites offering content that includes or depicts coercion and nonconsensual activity. Since the ‘Secret Circus’ book opens with a description of an abduction, it’s one of the many products Pink Flamingo have had to remove from their site.

Third party sellers remain unaffected, so the book is available from Amazon Kindle and AdultEbookShop, and apparently also in Nook format from Barnes and Noble.

Meanwhile, Pink Flamingo have plans in motion for the continued marketing of titles they’ve had to remove; these include a separate web outlet outside the US, since this is a US domestic policy, and further third party sales through non-US sites such as Excerpts from books will be taken over to their free story site, which will be revamped for this purpose:

Finally, the print version remains available – but contact Pink Flamingo directly and be prepared to pay with a check (or cheque), or money order.

Pink Flamingo comment: “This is obviously a significant change in our business. It’s not the first time that there has been a conservative backlash against this industry; we’ve weathered several in our 17 years … While the credit card companies have every right to deny their services for purchasing certain products, we consider this a free speech issue and a form of censorship.”

Links elsewhere on this site will be updated shortly. [Edit 22 June – links have been updated and now take you to AdultEbookShop unless otherwise specified].

Some erotic art links

You may have seen, yesterday and today, the media discussions around Holly – ‘An eight-foot high portrait of a naked model handcuffed to a rock’ which has been shortlisted for the National Portrait Gallery’s annual art prize. There’s a BBC report on it here and an opportunity for a closer look here.

I won’t bore you with thoughts on the significance of the painting here because I’ve already blogged about this over on my Fulanismut blog.

However, news about picture sent Velvet into a paroxysm of activity, gathering together her favourite sources for erotic art. And if you’ve ever seen Velvet in a paroxysm you’ll know that’s an impressive sight… Anyway, the result was a bunch of links to books available on Amazon UK.

The links, though, are all in Javascript and WordPress doesn’t support it. So if you want to know what turns Velvet on, artistically speaking, you’ll have to go to my Fulanismut blog post which fortunately can include links in this format…

Have fun over there, and if you have your own favourites let us know, either on here or over there, because we’re always interested in discovering new stuff.

Just as a PS – I was also hoping today to be able to update a lot of the links on here to things we’ve written for Xcite, but the publishers have somewhat unhelpfully started to use Javascript in some of their banners. So that’ll have to wait for another day. The links on the ‘Stories available’ page, though, do all still work.

Contract for Sex At Work

I had an email this morning. It was from my publisher (Xcite Books uk) or .com for a short story I wrote last year and which is due to be published, I believe, around March time. I had to laugh. The subject line of the email relates to the theme of the collection my story will be in which is Sex At Work. So the subject line actually reads ‘Contract for sex at work’! Wonderful. I wish I could get a permanent contract like that. License to have fun or what? The mind fairly boggles at the thought. Would any real work get done under a contract such as this? Would anyone be sat at their desks or on the shop floor (giggle – they might, but with a contract like that what would they be DOING on the shop floor?). Ideas on a postcard please (or in comments). We’d love to hear from you. Happy new year and I hope your sexploits this year are all happy and memorable ones.

Velvet Tripp

Practical Books For Erotic and BDSM Play

Hello again everyone. As you know, we both write erotica. But we read lots, too. There was a time when we were new to the fetish scene, and of course at one time we were all new to sex. It got me thinking. As we have a number of books that might help the beginner or just be interesting for those who haven’t come across them I thought I’d give you our personal list of helpful, practical and interesting books on the subjects of sex and fetish.

All the links take you through to Amazon, where all these titles are currently in stock either new or second-hand. Happy reading for 2011. Don’t forget if it’s novels you’re after Fulani’s Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation is on sale now, as are his short stories here

We wish you a wonderful, sensual 2011. May all your fantasies be good ones and may the best ones happen for you! Before I go, do you have any suggestions we could add to the list? To comment, go to the top right hand side of this page and click on the speech icon

Velvet Tripp and Fulani