Seducing the Myth – paperback and blog post

Two quick things.

Seducing the Myth, the Lucy Felthouse collection with one of Fulani’s stories (‘Andi in Chains’ – a retelling of the Andromeda myth in a very contemporary style) is now available as an actual book – a paperback hardcopy via The Book Depository, which is UK based but ships to something over 100 countries including the US and most if not all of Europe, and a lot of other places as well. More than that, shipping is free.

And there’s a piece by Fulani on Lucy Felthouse’s blog, the ‘Myth Monday’ entry for 24th Octobber 2011. It explains the background to the myth – the characters, who they were, the geography of it and how it relates real places you can still visit today – and offers a few insights into how he wound up writing the story in the way he did.


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