Naked Delirium!

Naked Delirium cover image

Naked Delirium cover image

We’ve been hanging off from making this post for a while because the book hasn’t actually been available on Amazon. But it is now.

Naked Delirium, a collection of five novellas from Sweetmeats Press, is finally out – and it includes stories from both Velvet Tripp and Fulani.

The blurb goes like this:

The mind has the power to save us from depravity…or to drive us further to it!

NAKED DELIRIUM delves deep into the human psyche to celebrate sex in altered states!

Five twisted tales, lusciously illustrated by Giorgio Verona!

Within these pages, we invite you explore the indecent expanse of the unfettered mind, and maybe get a little bit delirious yourself. Free your mind….and great sex will follow!

In SUGARSHUTTLE EXPRESS by Sommer Marsden, a three-day hike becomes a three-day high when Danny and Wren climb aboard!

The mystic waters of the Lakeshore Spa are the domain of Gilinda the Good….but Gilinda is not always so good, in GILINDA AND THE WICKED WITCH by Vanessa de Sade.

In LILITH RETURNS by Kristina Wright, Adam and Eve have lived together in harmony for millennia. But the return of the demon Lilith is set to result in one cataclysmic climax!

A young woman is left fighting for her very body and soul when a pagan ritual goes suddenly wrong, in A WOMAN POSSESSED by Velvet Tripp.

And finally, in SMOKING HOT by Fulani, hypnosis has helped Hannah kick a 40-a-day smoking habit, but the side effects have been most unexpected…

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, you can go to Smashwords instead.

And if you want the individual novellas rather than the whole book, they’re available as well – on Amazon soon, but already on Smashwords: Velvet Tripp’ A Woman Possessed and Fulani’s Smoking Hot. The others, from Sommer Marsden, Vanessa de Sade and Kristina Wright, are also available from the same sources.

We’ll leave you with one other pic, an interior illustration from Giorgio Verona…



Illustration from Naked Delirium

Illustration from Naked Delirium


Our friends at Freak Clubwear have just done a short instructional video on caning they’re rather pleased about.

You may remember from previous posts we lived about 100 metres from Freak Clubwear up until a few months ago, when we moved house. They’ve been selling fetish gear, clothing and toys for almost 10 years now, manufacture a lot of their own products and clothing, and can give good advice on most aspects of bdsm play.

Quick highlights:

– there are many different kinds of canes, from thin whippy ones to thick thuddy ones, made from a wide range of materials (NB ‘bamboo’ canes are usually made, actually, from rattan; bamboos, which are a different plant species, are not much liked because of the plant structure and the possibility of the bamboo snapping. Also, don’t use regular garden canes because they may have been treated with poison-based compounds or similar to prolong their life in a garden setting. If you want to cane someone, use a cane bought from a fetish supplier!).

– there are many right ways to use canes, but also some wrong ones. For example accuracy is very important because as a cane is used, the tip tends to flex back on the stroke and has extra momentum when it hits. At the point of impact it will whip back into shape and can bite into skin, causing unintended injury. (It’s not mentioned in the video, but practicing on something like a cushion is a good way to build accuracy and gauge the level of impact. For practicing impact control, try putting e.g. a banana on the cushion and hitting hard enough to mark/dent it without tearing its skin. You can probably think up many practice strategies yourself.)

– repeated softer hits can build intensity more effectively than one or two more severe strokes. After all do you really want a scene that only lasts for one or two strokes?

– watch the body language of the sub. It tells the person using the cane a lot about what the sub is experiencing.

– canes can be used in a range of sensuous ways, e.g. using the tip to stroke the sub, as well as painful ones. Anticipation and expectation are important parts of the scene.

One useful part of the video is that you not only get to hear the ‘how to’ part of using a cane, but the sub talking about how he experiences the caning.

As to growing your own canes, incidentally – as an experiment we have a ‘walking stick cabbage’ (Brassica oleracea palmifolia) growing in the garden, which used to be grown specifically because the stems could be used to make walking sticks (though the cabbage-like top is also edible). We’ll see in a few months whether the cane-like stem is suitable for drying, smoothing, varnishing and using for bdsm purposes…

Alt Sex Fetish Robots?

This is a quick note that follows from some stuff that pitched up on Twitter. And it’s intriguing enough that at some stage in the future it might form the basis for a story.

Some people have what is broadly described as a robot fetish – not specifically robots necessarily, but a fetish for mannequins, dolls, robots and so on. It seems to revolve around constructs of immobility, remote control, the ability to control or desire to be controlled, ideas of programming, and probably a bunch of other things. It can encompass both being the robot and acting in robotic ways, and being the one who is controlling or interacting with the robot. It’s sexual in origin (presumably) but not necessarily in terms of any particular activities that might be seen as overtly sexual, because as we all know, a large part of sex is in the brain.

There’s a short documentary about it (from 2001) that you may be able to find on Youtube (if you have an account and are registered with them to see adult content). Otherwise, you can find it on the controlaltdeletemovie blogspot site.

There’s more on robot fetishism on Wikipedia (of course) though it’s tagged as not fully referenced etc. And there’s also a page on gynoids – specifically, female robots, of which there are several current examples, a few of which are scarily realistic and have AI-like characteristics that enable limited conversational abilities. And if you want to see pole dancing robots, Giles Walker created some for an art installation and there’s a Youtube clip of them (which isn’t age-restricted).

It seems to be an interesting and perhaps under-theorised area, and one that might be interestingly explored via fiction.


The Museum of Deviant Desires – extract

Just posted over on the Fulanismut Tumblr blog – 4 minutes of Fulani reading the opening segment of his story ‘The Museum of Deviant Desires’, from the story collection of the same name. The collection is available from and a bunch of other places (listed on the ‘Our Published Work’ page, link at the top of this blog).

Xciting times on Ebay

Sex at Work cover - Xcite publication

Sex at Work cover – Xcite publication

Just had word from Xcite Books that in addition to their various other outlets, their books are also now on Ebay. If you go to, and search for ‘xcite’ in ‘books, comics and magazines’ you’ll get (as of a couple of minutes ago) 222 listings, around half in ‘buy it now’ format and half on auction.

Currently none of Fulani’s books or the collections he’s contributed to are there, but collections Velvet has contributed to, like Sex at Work, are listed (her story involved two zookeeps in a tropical house – hot and steamy in a literal sense as well metaphorical). And as best we can tell, Xcite is offering exceptional deals through their Ebay shop at the moment.

Now also on Tumblr

We’ve been pussyfooting around whether to set up yet more internet presence in the interests of self-publicity and finally decided to start up a Tumblr profile, which will enable us to share some stuff that’s been hanging around a while.

There’s just the one experimental post over there at the moment but as and when we start adding stuff to, we’ll let you know when there’s stuff worth looking at over there.