Running on Diesel

We’ve just discovered a selection of our stories on Diesel eBooks.

According to its September 2011 press release (see among other sources ‘The Diesel eBook Store, the world’s largest independent retailer of electronic books, today announced the launch of its new eBook retail platform ( The new site now gives Diesel’s customers the ability to enjoy eBooks using a wide range of technologies. Central to the change is an entire new suite of capabilities designed to deliver a more satisfying purchasing experience.’ It looks like most books are available for multiple reader formats including iPhones and Android devices.

Our stuff on Diesel currently includes:

Fulani: Addicted to Rope novella, The Vampire Skye novella, The Vampire’s New Plaything short story, The Museum of Deviant Desires story collection (included in Terrance Aldon Shaw’s Big Brain Erotica 2012 list), Smoking Hot novella (out of the much-praised Naked Delirium collection from Sweetmeats Press), and his recent Corporate Slave novel.

Velvet Tripp: Xcite’s Tropical Paradise collection, with her story giving the collection its title; Xcite’s Submission in Silk collection, including her story ‘Go Find Yourself’; and A Woman Possessed, a novella broken out from the much-praised Naked Delirium collection from Sweetmeats Press – and most reviews have claimed this is the best story of the collection!

You can, by the way, register with Diesel to get alerts when any more of our books are on their site. And for selected books you appear to be able to earn actual money – though admittedly only a few cents – for writing reviews. So potentially, in return for rankings and reviews, you’d be able to get occasional free books.


I was going to write another blog post today but then I had an email:

The following book has been nominated by The Romance Reviews reviewers for Best Book of 2011 in the following categories:

  • Title – The Vampire Skye
  • Author – Fulani
  • Category – GLBT
  • Sub Category – Paranormal Romance

Voting takes place here! (Voters have to be logged in to The Romance Reviews).

Voting is from March 16 to March 31. Results would be announced on April 2.

It’s up against a strong field, so I’ll be grateful for every vote!

Meanwhile, the novella is available in the Kindle shop, the Kindle shop, the Barnes & Noble Nook website  and direct from the publishers, Xcite Books.

Velvet Tripp’s reaction?  ‘The Romance Reviews? You mean Fulani, vampires and romance? That’s sick!’

Well, there is a bit of romance there in between lesbian BDSM vampire sex scenes, and the somewhat dystopian setting that involves the last throes of the sovereign debt crisis…

The email made my day, anyway. Hope yours is at least as good!

– F

Vampire Skye review, and something strange for you

Cover for The Vapire Skye

The Vampire Skye – cover

We’ve not posted anything for a while because, basically, other projects took up a lot of time. There should be news of several new publications soon. Meanwhile, you may recall Fulani’s novella The Vampire Skye came out at the back end of last year and it’s just been reviewed on The Romance Reviews under their GBLT topic heading (unsurprisingly because its a lesbian story). The reviewer, Book Addict, says:

It exceeded my expectations in world building, hot characters and erotic sex scenes. I look forward to reading more from this talented author. I recommend this to Sapphic readers who enjoy a paranormal story dominated by a sexy female vampire.

The reviewer appears to have assumed or imagined that Fulani is female, but more importantly that  Fulani is an actual individual rather than the assumed name of a secretive cabal of revolutionaries whose erotic writings are in fact coded critiques of contemporary society. That said, The Vampire Skye is available in ebook and other electronic formats from Xcite Books, from, from, from Barnes and Noble in Nook format and probably from other places as well.

While we’re on the subject of reviews, prolific erotica author M. Christian has gone a little further in his quest for publicity for his recent book, Finger’s Breadth. The plot concerns a spate of attacks in the San Francisco gay community in which a psycho aumputates a section of a finger from his victims. It’s won excellent reviews as being a ‘gay erotic science fiction horror’ and a ‘scary but enlightening ride through the twisted labyrinth of the human psyche’ (this last from Lisabet Sarai, herself a well-known erotic author).

M. Christian is threatening, though, to amputate a segment of one of his own fingers to gain additional publicity. He did tell us about this in advance and our advice was not to go there, because every author of erotica will now be expected to do something similar, and probably post the clip on YouTube… You should however note that M. Christian does admit that his track record for honesty in publicity campaigns ‘isn’t the best’… At any rate, you can judge the book for yourself by buying it on

iTunes erotica!

We’ve just caught up with the fact – via a random conversation with another author – that a lot of Fulani’s material, including the two recent novellas The Vampire Skye (released 2 November) and Addicted to Rope (released 9 September) is now available on iTunes. As is Lucy Felthouse’s  Seducing the Myth collection, including a Fulani story.

They’re all items you need to pay for, of course, though our iTunes also indicates 458 free erotica novels and novellas along with the 11,000 or so that have prices attached.

Happy exploring!

In other news, we’re doing the last-ditch manic packing of boxes prior to moving and will probably not reappear her until the weekend…

The Vampire Skye – new novella by Fulani

Cover for The Vapire Skye

The Vampire Skye – cover

Fulani’s latest novella The Vampire Skye made it out yesterday – not quite in time for Halloween (or samhain, if you prefer) but close enough.

The Vampire Skye – published by Xcite, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

Blurb: Leah works for the Authority, a secretive Government department dedicated to managing the vampires who live in society and keeping their presence hidden from the human population. Her latest client, Skye, wants to flee the Authority’s restrictions and go off-programme – and if that means feeding from Leah in the process, so be it. As disorder sweeps the city and the ordinary rules of engagement no longer apply, how will Leah deal with all the problems Skye throws her way – not least the fact Skye is her dominant fantasy lover made undead flesh?

There’s a little more on the background to the story over at Fulani’s Fulanismut blogspot blog.

Xcite lists it as an erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage themes. [Edited to add: check the ‘Our Publications’ page for full details of where you can buy it].