A Woman Possessed – the podcast!

Naked Delirium coverWe’ve just been alerted to the fact the latest podcast by Wholesome Addictions contains a discussion of the Naked Delirium book (which we both contributed novellas to), and focuses in particular on Velvet Tripp’s novella ‘A Woman Possessed’.

Their comments: ‘Fucking phenomenal. It’s really good shit. It is dirty, it is nasty, it did things to my pants.’ Later on they say that while erotica doesn’t normally fall into this category, ‘this is literature’. They particularly like the fact the story hits three core areas of their interest: paranormal, bdsm and (of course) sex. And they call it hot and vivid, especially when the leading character is possessed and in ‘wolf-bitch mode’.

And as to the collection as a whole: ‘I can honestly say this is the best money on erotica I’ve spent all year.’

So, when you get to the website you’re looking for ‘Podcast 40: What Does He Really Mean When He Says…’ posted on: 10.11.12 and the segment on the book is about 29 minutes in. And the link you need is Wholesome Addiction.

If you want to buy the book – and why wouldn’t you? – it’s in paperback from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, plus it’s stocked at selected branches of Waterstones bookstore in the UK. It’s also an ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Kobobooks and probably some other places as well.

Plus, if you want to buy Velvet’s story as a one-off novella you can to that too: from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords (multiple formats – and remember to turn adult filter off!), AllRomanceEbooks, and Kobobooks.

Author copies

Yes, they came a few days ago. A good part of an otherwise unremarkable week that was mainly spent writing very unerotic social policy stuff (but you never know, all kinds of issues end up sliding sideways into our erotic writing…).

Velvet Tripp’s pics of our anthology copies:

Naked Delirium cover arrangement

Naked Delirium cover arrangement (links to illustrated paperback edition on Amazon)

Naked Delirium book stack

Naked Delirium book stack (links to unillustrated Kindle edition)

Erotica for the twisted and erotically minded? Definitely!



Fifty shades of marketing – or just one?

Book display in bookshop

Fifty Shades and its competitors

Velvet and I were driving recently and stopped at a motorway service station. The thing that struck us in the shop was that they had a complete floor-to-ceiling bookcase, more or less next to the entrance, stocked with Fifty Shades – and a bunch of its competitors. It seems that in the wake of the ‘Fifty Shades phenomenon’ every major publisher and imprint has been scrabbling to find their own bdsm erotica author to promote because they see bdsm as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of publishing.

But that’s not all. They’ve also decided that the cover of Fifty Shades is distinctive, and decided to go for a similar look and feel for their own covers. Almost without exception they’re black or grey backgrounds with an image that is either part-shadowed (as Fifty Shades is) or with one element that’s in a bold colour.

So what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, sluts and perverts, is the mainstreaming not only of bdsm erotica, but of specific design features intended to key you in to the nature of the book. And there are, suddenly, a lot of these books. Plus, booksellers, motorway service stations and others have got in on the act by deciding that they now need a specific bdsm erotica section in their shop. Even if they don’t explicitly call it that.

(The pic in this blog, incidentally, doesn’t come from the big display in the service station, but a local bookstore.)

One other interesting feature of at least some of these books is that while Fifty Shades was a sort-of romantic story of girl-gets-her-man (I’m relyng on reviews here, I’ve never read more than a few pages) the competitors, some of them anyway, feel the need to up the ante by promising their novels are in fact erotica and no romance is involved.

So how do we feel about this?

On the one hand, it’s opened up the kind of stuff we write to new audiences. On the other, those audiences are now being targeted by  the major, mainstream publishers, which makes the writing of erotica a little more competitive. So on the one hand, it would have been cool to be approached by publishers promising big bucks in their publicity drives. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? And, while we don’t want to criticise authors we don’t know – congratulations to them for having got lucky in the publishing stakes, they presumably know what the public wants right now – given what we’ve read and what we know first-hand about bdsm, we can nonetheless kind of afford to be a little sniffy about at least some of mainstream stuff we’ve read thus far.

That said, audiences probably move incrementally and a large proportion of the Fifty Shades audience may not be quite ready for us yet. We’ve never set out to be deliberately populist, because we write the kind of stuff we’d like to read ourselves.

We’ll keep going, and sooner or later either the new audiences will find the mainstream publishers aren’t selling what their tastes graduate to and they’ll find their way to our more humble (though more hardcore) publications, or else the mainstream publishers will feel the need to take on board writers of more hardcore erotica, and we’ll stand a chance of getting picked up at that point.

Anyone else have any thoughts on how the bdsm erotica thing is unfolding in the mainstream of publishing? Or on the cover designs and marketing, etc.?

And if someone does want something more hardcore, and wants it now: Naked Delirium may be your thing – for the playfully and pleasantly perverted, as it says in the book intro. Five novellas on sex in altered states, with bdsm and some other deviant sexual practices, and some paranormal and other altered states, from five different authors including me and Velvet, plus illustrations as a bonus. It’s on Smashwords as an ebook too, but they you don’t get the nice pictures (plus Smashwords has each of the novellas as individual publications as well: Fulani’s and Velvet’s and the other three). Oh, and the cover isn’t a Fifty Shades clone, Sweetmeats Press have their own established cover style…


Naked Delirium!

Naked Delirium cover image

Naked Delirium cover image

We’ve been hanging off from making this post for a while because the book hasn’t actually been available on Amazon. But it is now.

Naked Delirium, a collection of five novellas from Sweetmeats Press, is finally out – and it includes stories from both Velvet Tripp and Fulani.

The blurb goes like this:

The mind has the power to save us from depravity…or to drive us further to it!

NAKED DELIRIUM delves deep into the human psyche to celebrate sex in altered states!

Five twisted tales, lusciously illustrated by Giorgio Verona!

Within these pages, we invite you explore the indecent expanse of the unfettered mind, and maybe get a little bit delirious yourself. Free your mind….and great sex will follow!

In SUGARSHUTTLE EXPRESS by Sommer Marsden, a three-day hike becomes a three-day high when Danny and Wren climb aboard!

The mystic waters of the Lakeshore Spa are the domain of Gilinda the Good….but Gilinda is not always so good, in GILINDA AND THE WICKED WITCH by Vanessa de Sade.

In LILITH RETURNS by Kristina Wright, Adam and Eve have lived together in harmony for millennia. But the return of the demon Lilith is set to result in one cataclysmic climax!

A young woman is left fighting for her very body and soul when a pagan ritual goes suddenly wrong, in A WOMAN POSSESSED by Velvet Tripp.

And finally, in SMOKING HOT by Fulani, hypnosis has helped Hannah kick a 40-a-day smoking habit, but the side effects have been most unexpected…

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, you can go to Smashwords instead.

And if you want the individual novellas rather than the whole book, they’re available as well – on Amazon soon, but already on Smashwords: Velvet Tripp’ A Woman Possessed and Fulani’s Smoking Hot. The others, from Sommer Marsden, Vanessa de Sade and Kristina Wright, are also available from the same sources.

We’ll leave you with one other pic, an interior illustration from Giorgio Verona…



Illustration from Naked Delirium

Illustration from Naked Delirium

Naked Delirium – coming soon

Naked Delirium cover

Naked Delirium cover (Sweetmeats Press)

Out soon, expected mid-August: Naked Delirium, a collection of five novellas from Sweetmeats Press. An illustrated anthology of sex in altered states. Did you get that word illustrated? Stories by Kristina Wright, Sommer Marsden, Vanessa de Sade – also by Fulani and Velvet Tripp.

Fulani’s story ‘Smoking Hot’ deals with the unintended consequences of hypnosis to stop smoking, via the unlocking of repressed desires. Velvet Tripp’s novella deals with events at a pagan camp in which someone becomes literally possessed. We’ll maybe throw up some teasers closer to publication date, and there may be teasers of the illustrations as well.

It’s not the first time we’ve had ‘his and hers’ stories in the same collection, but it’s the first time we’ve had novellas published together (if you’re interested, it happened previously in Xcite’s Lust Bites collection, available direct from the publisher or on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk).

Heads-up on similar stories:

– Velvet Tripp’s ‘Go Find Yourself’ also has a pagan theme (but is lesbian-based) and is in Xcite’s 20-story collection Wanton Women and also the five-story collection Submission in Silk (these are Amazon.com links, it’s on the UK site as well and available direct from the publisher – see the ‘Our Publications’ page on this blog).

– Fulani’s Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation starts, more or less, with the heroine being hypnotized (or, in keeping with the period it’s set in, mesmerized) while attending a circus and sort-of abducted to become a circus performer. That’s an Amazon.com link, and a bunch of others are over on the ‘Our Publications’ page.