Pink Flamingo website changes – important

If you’ve tried to purchase Fulani’s ‘Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation’ from Pink Flamingo’s website in the last couple of days you’ll have found it shows as ‘product not available’. You may have found similar problems with other ebooks from other publishers as well.

This is because major credit card companies have decided to withdraw services from ‘adult’ websites offering content that includes or depicts coercion and nonconsensual activity. Since the ‘Secret Circus’ book opens with a description of an abduction, it’s one of the many products Pink Flamingo have had to remove from their site.

Third party sellers remain unaffected, so the book is available from Amazon Kindle and AdultEbookShop, and apparently also in Nook format from Barnes and Noble.

Meanwhile, Pink Flamingo have plans in motion for the continued marketing of titles they’ve had to remove; these include a separate web outlet outside the US, since this is a US domestic policy, and further third party sales through non-US sites such as Excerpts from books will be taken over to their free story site, which will be revamped for this purpose:

Finally, the print version remains available – but contact Pink Flamingo directly and be prepared to pay with a check (or cheque), or money order.

Pink Flamingo comment: “This is obviously a significant change in our business. It’s not the first time that there has been a conservative backlash against this industry; we’ve weathered several in our 17 years … While the credit card companies have every right to deny their services for purchasing certain products, we consider this a free speech issue and a form of censorship.”

Links elsewhere on this site will be updated shortly. [Edit 22 June – links have been updated and now take you to AdultEbookShop unless otherwise specified].

3 thoughts on “Pink Flamingo website changes – important

  1. It’s bizarre, isn’t it? I mean, I’d use the same credit card to buy the book on Amazon as I would on the Pink Flamingo site.

    I know if you’re in the Middle East, the erotic books don’t show up for the Kindle (I didn’t try print editions, I don’t think). So all you do is set your location to somewhere else, the books reappear, and you can buy them (no matter what your nationality is).

    It’s been said in other places, I’m know, but I’ll say it again. Odd to remove the sexy stuff but not, say, murder mysteries (some of which also contain abductions, come to think of it). Isn’t killing someone also wrong? How about books where the “good guy” kills the “bad guy” in the end? Are those going to be pulled?

    Has Pink Flamingo considered I like their “free worldwide shipping” policy, and their prices are similar to Amazon’s. I did a search for Fulani, and your book didn’t turn up, although one of the top results was “The Bush is Sweet.” No comment. 😉

  2. I think the whole thing is strange on a number of levels. I could debate this at length, but since I agree with you there’s no point! A lot of ‘adult’ material, from murder stories to e.g. misery lit, is sold in regular outlets that don’t get called ‘adult’ and escape the whole issue.

    I suspect (in fact, know) quite a few publishers are dealing with it in a number of creative ways. The flow of ebooks won’t stop, though it sounds like it will start to use some of the techniques pioneered by illegal and socially dangerous groups – and, for that matter, human rights groups in some countries. Beyond that, I can see the credit card companies finding it unpoliceable in the long run unless they’re prepared to put huge efforts into supporting their policy.

    There are parallels with the policies of Ebay and iTunes, of course. But people evade those without significant problems…

  3. Who the hell do the credit card companies think they are…..they work for us, we are their customers….HOW DARE they dictate what you can and can’t buy…….unBELIEVABLE…..

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