Some erotic art links

You may have seen, yesterday and today, the media discussions around Holly – ‘An eight-foot high portrait of a naked model handcuffed to a rock’ which has been shortlisted for the National Portrait Gallery’s annual art prize. There’s a BBC report on it here and an opportunity for a closer look here.

I won’t bore you with thoughts on the significance of the painting here because I’ve already blogged about this over on my Fulanismut blog.

However, news about picture sent Velvet into a paroxysm of activity, gathering together her favourite sources for erotic art. And if you’ve ever seen Velvet in a paroxysm you’ll know that’s an impressive sight… Anyway, the result was a bunch of links to books available on Amazon UK.

The links, though, are all in Javascript and WordPress doesn’t support it. So if you want to know what turns Velvet on, artistically speaking, you’ll have to go to my Fulanismut blog post which fortunately can include links in this format…

Have fun over there, and if you have your own favourites let us know, either on here or over there, because we’re always interested in discovering new stuff.

Just as a PS – I was also hoping today to be able to update a lot of the links on here to things we’ve written for Xcite, but the publishers have somewhat unhelpfully started to use Javascript in some of their banners. So that’ll have to wait for another day. The links on the ‘Stories available’ page, though, do all still work.

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