Found objects – flash fiction by Fulani (and a commentary)

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s famous urinal, and the bicycle wheel mounted on a stool, he determinated that in future he would express his sexuality only through found objects.

His first find was encouraging, even suggestive: the snapped-off car aerial by the side of the road was flexible and whippy in his hand.

In the hardware store, a length of modem cable excited him. Small enough to coil into his pocket, strong enough to tie someone’s wrists, and when he spun it like a thin whip it glittered under the lights.

Things got strange pretty quickly, though. In the flea market, a small china figurine of a frog enchanted him while a broken washing machine, discovered abandoned in a car park, was insanely erotic. Yet it was only when he found himself in a supermarket, minutely inspecting the frozen chicken, that he had an inkling his sexual instincts might be a little out of the ordinary…


I can’t remember, but I might have posted a variant of this a while back on my other blog! You can probably guess I have a long-standing interest in surrealism… But seriously, found objects do have a worthwhile place in fetish and bdsm. Some people even have a special name for them – ‘pervertibles’. They have many advantages, including the pleasure in finding/making them, using toys you’ve discovered or crafted yourself, and even more importantly, cheapness. Yes, I am a cheapskate.

Examples from our own collection: even before I knew her, Velvet had made a sling from recycled car seatbelts. In her old house, she’d put bolts through an exposed ceiling beam to hang it from. She’d also used a length of old metal pipe with a chain run through it as an ankle-spreader, and a bedding box made a useful whipping box to lie on or kneel over. Because it stood on small feet, there was enough clearance to run the home-make ankle-spreader underneath it and her own body weight meant she couldn’t pull it out.

I’ve used rubber tubing taken from an old car (one segment started life as part of the fuel line, another was an air hose) as hitty things. The first piece of bondage kit I made was a cube, seven feet on a side, made of second-hand scaffolding, rubbed down with a wire brush and painted, with corner joining clamps. It’s seen service in various fetish clubs – people can be tied across each of the four sides, across the middle, suspended from the upper horizontal poles, etc. Sometimes it’s had half a dozen people using different parts of it at the same time… and we still use it today. I also have a cargo net bought cheaply from an army surplus store that has multiple uses. The more you put your mind to it, the more you seem to find.

Equally, much of Velvet’s fetish wardrobe – because she’s a good seamstress – comprises clothes bought for pennies from charity chops and ‘repurposed’ with slits, zips, cutouts etc.

Some things I originally bought for other purposes have been re-used in a bdsm context. For example I used to go rock-climbing but now all the carabiners and snaplocks have made it into the fetish kit. They have the great advantage that they’re designed to take massive loads and shock impacts. If they can hold a 100-kilo person falling 50 metres down a rope, used properly they have a huge safety margin for bondage suspensions (you’ll even see the design strength printed on them, usually expressed in KiloNewtons).

Safety points: all the obvious things, really. Car aerials really are metal and whippy, and used enthusiastically they will easily break skin and cause bleeding. Reinforced rubber tubing used on cars is often designed to withstand massive internal pressure and is surprisingly hard; used without care it can cause bruising more serious than you thought possible or likely. It is a bad idea to use abandonded washing machines or fridges as a way of imprisoning people due to air seals and likelihood of asphyxiation. Frozen chickens can cause serious freezer-burn on bare skin, sufficient to need medical attention, as indeed can rope or chain left in a freezer prior to use if it’s left against the same piece of skin for very long. Use your imagination, but know your sub and your sub’s limits, and use common sense!

None of this is intended to stop you buying stuff from fetish outlets/suppliers – many of our friends make and sell fetish kit as you’ll have seen from the previous post. But using your own creativity, skill and found objects is fun as well.

Anyone want to fess up about any found objects they’ve repurposed or used for sexual purposes? Curious minds want to know…

2 thoughts on “Found objects – flash fiction by Fulani (and a commentary)

  1. What an awesome concept for a story!

    As for recommendations for pervertables… I got into bondage before I could even legally buy bondage gear. Since I’m still poor, I use the same materials I always have: tape, tape, tape! Especially duct tape. It’s fun going on *and* coming off.

  2. Duct tape is cool. Who’d have thought a product originally designed for making waterproof seals on ammunition boxes in World War II would have so many other uses…

    Unfortunately Velvet gets an allergic reaction to it – itchy red spots when I’ve used it on her – so we tend to stay with rope or leather cuffs. Or you can buy ‘bondage tape’ these days, a thicker, wider variant of a PVC tape that’s sold as ‘plumbers’ tape’ and used for sealing plumbing joints, that sticks to itself but not to skin.

    You’ve just reminded me of a piece of flash fiction I put on my other blog, Fulani’s Limited Attention Span, back in March 2010. The story’s called Gaffer Tape:

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