Fulani story in Erotic Review

Just a quick note that the January issue of Erotic Review (issue 117, the ‘Free Love’ issue) has a story by Fulani, ‘Nostalgia, All over Again’.

Bearing in mind the issue is very sixties-themed, it’s a kind of homage to a little bdsm scenario out of Oh, Calcutta! – and maybe one or two other iconic films, books and plays of that era.

Erotic Review is a subscription-only e-publication, but good value at only £25 for 12 issues. It has a mix of features, provocative thinkpieces, stories, artwork and photoshoots – and even things like erotic crosswords, just to prove it’s classy and upmarket (which it is) and has some intellectual muscle (which it does). Hell, even the twee New Yorker style illustrations, rather than the liberal use of photos, proves it’s not your average ‘erotic’ fare.

If you don’t want to pay the subscription, you’ll have to wait until the story turns up on their free magazine page. However, the three mags on the free page don’t currently include any issues with Fulani’s stories in… so just pay the money!

If you’re really looking for a free story on here, look at the previous posts – and if you’re read those already, you’ll have to wait a day or two for the next one because it’s not finished yet!

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