I was going to write another blog post today but then I had an email:

The following book has been nominated by The Romance Reviews reviewers for Best Book of 2011 in the following categories:

  • Title – The Vampire Skye
  • Author – Fulani
  • Category – GLBT
  • Sub Category – Paranormal Romance

Voting takes place here! (Voters have to be logged in to The Romance Reviews).

Voting is from March 16 to March 31. Results would be announced on April 2.

It’s up against a strong field, so I’ll be grateful for every vote!

Meanwhile, the novella is available in the Kindle shop, the Kindle shop, the Barnes & Noble Nook website  and direct from the publishers, Xcite Books.

Velvet Tripp’s reaction?  ‘The Romance Reviews? You mean Fulani, vampires and romance? That’s sick!’

Well, there is a bit of romance there in between lesbian BDSM vampire sex scenes, and the somewhat dystopian setting that involves the last throes of the sovereign debt crisis…

The email made my day, anyway. Hope yours is at least as good!

– F

2 thoughts on “Nominated!

  1. The sovereign debt crisis? That wins my vote! (And registering at the Romance Reviews was free and easy, if anyone is wondering). Best of luck to The Vampire Skye!

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