Alt Sex Fetish Robots?

This is a quick note that follows from some stuff that pitched up on Twitter. And it’s intriguing enough that at some stage in the future it might form the basis for a story.

Some people have what is broadly described as a robot fetish – not specifically robots necessarily, but a fetish for mannequins, dolls, robots and so on. It seems to revolve around constructs of immobility, remote control, the ability to control or desire to be controlled, ideas of programming, and probably a bunch of other things. It can encompass both being the robot and acting in robotic ways, and being the one who is controlling or interacting with the robot. It’s sexual in origin (presumably) but not necessarily in terms of any particular activities that might be seen as overtly sexual, because as we all know, a large part of sex is in the brain.

There’s a short documentary about it (from 2001) that you may be able to find on Youtube (if you have an account and are registered with them to see adult content). Otherwise, you can find it on the controlaltdeletemovie blogspot site.

There’s more on robot fetishism on Wikipedia (of course) though it’s tagged as not fully referenced etc. And there’s also a page on gynoids – specifically, female robots, of which there are several current examples, a few of which are scarily realistic and have AI-like characteristics that enable limited conversational abilities. And if you want to see pole dancing robots, Giles Walker created some for an art installation and there’s a Youtube clip of them (which isn’t age-restricted).

It seems to be an interesting and perhaps under-theorised area, and one that might be interestingly explored via fiction.


2 thoughts on “Alt Sex Fetish Robots?

  1. To expand on your article a little bit. Fetishists into ASFR tend to be in two different camps. Those that enjoy malfunctions, and those who don’t. Repeating phrases, glitching, etc.

    • Thank you for this! It’s common across pretty much all fetishes for certain aspects or characteristics of a fetish, or sub-types of activity within it, to appeal to some people but not others. While we tend to group fetishes based on a single issue, these labels often hide as much as they reveal. Just as labels do in every other area of life.

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