‘Lust Bites’ and ‘Sex at Work’ reviews!

The Xcite ‘Lust Bites’ collection, with one story by me (Fulani) and one by Velvet Tripp came out a while back, but we’ve just heard it’s been reviewed over at Coffeetime Romance.

They say of Velvet’s story, ‘Tooth Fairy’:

Megan is helping her friend at a convention when an author comes up to her and starts a conversation. After a night of intense pleasure with the vampire, Megan finds she has not had enough and must find the vampire to get her kink fix once again.

Ms. Tripp knows how to keep the reader craving more. The way the story bounces from Megan herself to what she was reading in the novel was great. It adds moments of extra eroticism to this spicy tale. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

And on my story, ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’:

Sasha is surprised when the stranger comes up to her and tells her he likes her poetry. Somehow she ends up following Byron home and gets to know the real man himself very intimately.

This is a sexy read. I did feel as if it were a little stranger than what I like, but it really seemed to add to the overall element of the story. Fulani makes vampirism seem elegant and wordy and bold and romantic.

So we both feel pretty good about those kind words.

Since then, Velvet contributed a story to another collection, ‘Sex at Work’, which was reviewed by Sizzling Hot Books. While not specifically mentioning her (the review focuses mainly on the lead story), the reviewer did like the collection as a whole: ‘I would recommend Sex at Work anthology to anyone who has fantasies about sex at work, or who likes to read about those.’

I’d put proper links to the books in this post but it’s late and they’re on the ‘Our Publications’ page anyway!