Ten things a sub doesn’t want to hear when they’re tied up…

The weather here is minus something or other and more snow forecast, plus chaos on the roads. But if you’re stuck at home and snowed in, at least we can entertain you with a few bdsm-related jokes!

Ten things a sub doesn’t want to hear when they’re tied up…
#1 You won’t need a safeword. The voices in my head will tell me when you’ve had enough.
#2 Safeword? What’s a safeword?
#3 [Key turning in lock] Shit! My parents said they wouldn’t be back until tomorrow!
#4 Oh mighty Abaddon, please accept this my sacrifice to you!
#5 Damn, I forgot my medication. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll be fine.
#6 You know, I could have sworn I put my pet snake back in its tank.
#7 You know, my last sub didn’t understand me… That reminds me, I missed my appointment with the probation officer.
#8 No, really. When I saw this in the movie it worked fine!
#9 [Telephone rings] Hello? Yes, no problem, why don’t you all just come on over!
#10 Um, if this is the tube of KY, what did I just put on your…?

We couldn’t find any appropriate pics but if we do, we’ll post them later!

PS Fulani has a few more at fulanismut.blogspot.com.