Foteviken slave trade?

This is more a request for information than anything.

Foteviken is a place in Sweden that was, historically, a viking settlement. It’s now a museum, an archaeological site, and a venue for viking re-enactment weekends. Information is available from site’s own website (this links to the English version), the illustrious publication Viking Today and it’s even listed in a Lonely Planet guide. Looks like a lot of fun. And this year’s Viking Week is at the end of this month, 25 June-1 July (we won’t be there though, since our plans are to be in Scotland around that time).

Check out the videos of the re-enactment weekends (links to, but it’s easily searchable on Youtube as well) and you’ll see extensive coverage of that ancient viking tradition, the slave trade; mainly this involves women being tied up and sold off the auction block. It’s all pretty cool and done with a great deal of obvious good humour and enjoyment.

But the question is this: after the women have been auctioned off at prices of (usually) around twenty ‘crowns’, what happens to them? What demands are made of them? Are they just bought back by their partners, and what happens if not?  20 actual Swedish crowns, or krona, incidentally, would only be a little over £2 or a bit under $3, so on that basis slaves aren’t expensive! But who gets the money?

It’s a cool basis for a piece of fiction, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who’s been there and knows, or who’s been sold at auction (or bought a slave at auction) at any other re-enactment meetings. Are there conditions imposed on the sale, how much fun was had and of what kind(s)? We know how the ‘slave auction’ deal works at fetish events, where it’s done from time to time, mostly to raise money for a good cause. But are re-enactment weekends a little more restrictive about the rights of the purchasers?

Happy New Year – and have sexy fun with your resolutions!

This is what comes of idly surfing the internet. Various sources offer ideas for New Year resolutions.

The Times of India suggests:

1. Vow to devote ‘more time’ to the act.
2. Promise to ‘experiment’ – Fulani comments: the original suggests ‘you might just discover an all new moan zone in your partner’s body’. Well, yes. On the other hand, if you arrive home and your partner has all the power tools out, be suspicious.
3. Pledge to revisit your sensual side – Fulani comments: they mention perfumed body oils, scented candles, satin sheets, and silk scarves. Well, you can’t be using the cuffs, chains, whips and gags all the time – you should surprise your partner occasionally!
4. Vow to become a ‘touchy-feely’ couple
5. Speak up if you are not liking something – Fulani comments: remember ‘ouch’ is not a safeword.
6. Also speak-up if it is working for you
7. You’ll try to keep kids out of your bedroom – Fulani comments: remember the article was published in a country where overcrowding is a common problem!
8. At times even ‘no-mood’ sex will be welcomed
9. Vow to lose control and break the routine!
10. Go liberal with contraceptive methods – Fulani comments: remember this comes from a country where having children is often considered a good thing…

Ask Men suggests:

1. Be more spontaneous – Fulani comments: ‘Erm, be spontaneous – now! And make sure you’re properly prepared for your sponteneity!’
2. Try new positions
3. Try new locations
4. Talk more sex
5. Get kinkier

The FoxSexExpert at Fox News suggests 17 resolutions. OKay, we’ve cheated because these were for 2010. But 17 resolutions? Who has that many?

1. Let the spirit move you — sexually speaking.
2. Set up your own sex program.
3. Engage in all sorts of erotic talk.
4. Do something you would never do in the sack.
5. Have sex in every room. Fulani comments – we think they meant in your own house. But why not be creative?
6. Ask for what you want.
7. Have more sex.
8. Cultivate your sexual connection.
9. Become “sex positive.”
10. Learn a new trick.
11. Go on more dates.
12. Become “that” couple. Fulani comments – altermatively, become “that” threesome, or whatever combination moves you…
13. Take a sex workshop.
14. Move on.
15. Get in tune with your sexual self.
16. Fight for your sexual rights – or another’s. Fulani comments – seriously, though, sexual rights are still major issues in many parts of the world and there are still big human rights battles to be fought in many countries…
17. Enjoy your efforts!

Finally, Betty Confidential has only four resolutions but they’re good, practical, down-to-earth ones. Since we have a friend who works in a gay sexual health project, we think number 2 is particularly important for everyone…

1. Take Charge of Your Sexual Pleasure

2. Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

3. Take Charge of Your Relationships

4. After Your Mistakes, Do Something

Whatever sexy resolutions you make, have fun and enjoy 2011! And let us know what resolutions you made…