Sizzler Editions revamp

Sizzler just announced a revamp of their website, which will be temporarily closed prior to a grand relaunch on 1 April 2013. See Renaissance Sizzler’s announcement on their Tumblr account here.

[***Edited 7 April to add: the new URL is and a redirect is in place from the old site as well.]

Hanging Around - coverThis only affects one of Fulani’s books, the story collection Hanging Around – which is still available from a bunch of other places including and; Barnes and Noble (Nook edition), AdultEbookShop and Fictionwise.

While I think of it, you might be interested to know the cover model was Ellie, a goth/fetish model who moved in the same circles as me a few years back. The photographer was Jon Wilson, who at the time was a prolific fetish photographer in the UK. And the setting was a swingers’ club near Birmingham, UK which had monthly fetish events as well as being a venue for photoshoots and such. Turn the pic on its side: this was actually a suspension from a bondage frame that isn’t visible in the pic, with the frame itself not visible in the shot.

Times move on. Ellie left the area, I think for family reasons, and I lost touch with her. Jon Wilson, when I had a conversation with him a couple of weeks ago, is now heavily into making CGI. And when the lease on the building used by the swingers’ club ran out, so I heard, the property was sold for redevelopment. Another club started up in that area soon afterwards and also does fetish events, though I’ve never been.

The story collection, though, remains as fresh, imaginative, juicy and bouncy as it was the day it was published!

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