Ridden – for free, 14-18 November 2012

Ridden coverIt’s true, you can get Ridden for free, for a limited time. Xcite have it on free promo on Amazon for four days. Erotic novella, bondage and BDSM, voodoo and paranormal, more details in previous blog posts.

Get it from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. And please leave a review on Amazon when you’ve read it!

Bearing in mind it’s Part 1 of a trilogy (though each volume is self-standing and complete in itself) and Part 2 is mostly written while Part 3 is already plotted, I’m still open to suggestions about particular scenes you might like to see in the later volumes…

4 thoughts on “Ridden – for free, 14-18 November 2012

  1. I just picked mine up! I’m trying a trilogy for the first time, hoping to make the first part permanently free (though that never seems to work on the UK Amazon…) to entice readers to try it. And like you, he’s got the first two written and published, and the third yet to come. Nothing like a deadline to provide motivation!

    I’m not actually a paranormal fan, but I am a BDSM fan and a Fulani fan, so that was enough to tempt me.

  2. Cool – hope you like it, and also hope your author’s trilogy works. He’s further ahead than I am, though. I have the second one half-written, to come out at the end of this year and the third one plotted out, planned for Feb/March next year. So who’s your author and can we promo his stuff here?

    • It’s a matter of perspective, I guess–he’s got two published, but I wouldn’t put money on the third being plotted out. 😉 It’s James Wood, and you can certainly promo the series if you like it (and nobody’s feelings are hurt if you don’t. Book 1 is free here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/252178
      I tried going with a classier cover this time, too. But then I think it’s classier writing, in a sense, than some of his other work.
      You’ve been a publishing storm in 2012, though! That 3rd one will practically write itself.

      • Got it. Will review it at some point (but probably not for a few days due to deadlines). Incidentally, did you know James Wood is one of the nominees for the Best Bondage Writer in the Bondage Awards – http://www.bondageawards.com/voting/bondage-writer – and it would be great for him and for 1001 Nights if he got it.

        Velvet and I have been pretty busy this year. But not as busy as we’d planned, oddly enough. I have two story collections I was going to do by now half-finished, one not even started, and other stuff hanging around I haven’t had a chance to work on. I’m hoping the current workload for my other work (nonfiction, technical stuff, doesn’t figure in this blog) will ease and I’ll be able to get all of that out soon. One of them, you might remember, was for 1001 Nights…

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