Corporate Slave: published

Corporate Slave Cover

Fulani’s latest novel Corporate Slave is now out, published by Pink Flamingo. You can find it on PF’s Erotic Book Network site as a paperpack or an ebook. Over the next few days it will appear in other places as well, we’ll update availability info as it comes in.

This is a full-length novel of 80,000 words, involving copper-bottomed, boiler-plated BDSM on almost every page.

It’s set in a dystopian near-future, amid the collapse of the state and the rule of large, multinational corporations with their own justice departments and prisons – a world in which prisoners are goods to be traded with their value depending on the services they can provide. Including sexual services. It’s also a world in which some experimental technology being developed today is starting to become more widely available – such as computers woven into the cloth of garments. Part of the plot revolves around such a garment, the Intelligent Dress.

This is the world Cassie lives and works in, as a sales assistant in a convenience store. Until she gets caught up with a resistance movement, and then taken prisoner.

But rather than try to describe the novel, here’s a taste of how it begins:

Cassie rolled her eyes upwards in a vain attempt to see the expression on Ben’s face. His cock wedged firmly in her throat meant she couldn’t tilt her head. Her lips were spread wide, tongue hanging out, the tip of it just caressing his scrotum.

She’d taken the whole length, but it left her no room to maneuver. Her field of vision was entirely filled with a light fuzz of ginger public hair, a few inches of skin, and the bottom edge of his T-shirt—a lurid baby-blue color that didn’t suit his skin tone. Not that it mattered. She wasn’t giving the blowjob because she liked his dress sense, but because he was going to give her a Dress.

She hoped Ben would come soon, not because she wasn’t enjoying the blowjob, but because she was due at work soon. He was engorged and she could taste the pre-cum ejaculate already, but he seemed to be holding off on her. She gave a throaty growl and took his entire length, thankful she had full control over her gag reflex. His hand reached out and grabbed her hair, stopping her from pulling back. That wasn’t exactly a surprise. It was a man thing, wasn’t it—wanting to feel in control?

That was okay. She preferred it when she wasn’t in control. Sexually, at least. It gave her a sense of release.

Cassie made a gug ggg sound deep in her throat, which she meant as a question: what the fuck do you want me to do?

“Let’s make it real,” Bob grated. Then, raising his voice: “Hey, Luke, handcuff her for me, will ya? Hands behind her back!”

Luke, sitting on the other side of the room, looked up from the screen and removed his earpieces. Cassie caught a glimpse of a nude woman hanging by her wrists, legs splayed, flanked by two men in military uniforms. She was struggling, her body bearing the marks of abuse with a whip. She might have been screaming. Hard to tell whether the tinny sound coming from the earpieces now in Luke’s hand was screaming or music.

Luke hit a button on the remote, freezing the screen image, and picked over the litter of beer cans beside him until he found the cuffs.

She didn’t struggle. Not seriously, anyway. A token wriggle or two so he had to work at getting the cuffs on.

When her wrists were secured, Ben dragged her bodily forward, still on her knees, so he could sit in an armchair with her mouth still wrapped around his cock. It was hard to balance because Cassie’s own body weight pushed her down onto the cock, and she was able to come up only when Ben pulled back on on her hair. He grunted in satisfaction and pumped her head up and down. She tried to relax, knowing that at this rate he’d at least come quickly. He was, after all, fucking the fantasy in his head as much as he was fucking her mouth. She concentrated on getting her throat to relax and keeping it as lubricated as possible.

Ben was suddenly gasping for breath, much like Cassie herself, and released his flood. And it was a flood, filling her throat and sinuses but with more plastered on her face. He clutched at her straw-blonde hair tight enough to make her yelp, then relaxed enough that she could extract his cock from her mouth and try to suck in air. He pushed roughly on one shoulder and she fell back heavily on the carpet, lying on her side. Every time she coughed it seemed to bring up his fluid from her lungs. She sneezed, and gobs of it spattered the front of her T-shirt.

Oh well. It wasn’t like she’d be wearing it at work.

And it gets more intense from there on in. Those links again – the paperback and the ebook are both available right now from Pink Flamingo’s Erotic Book Network, $12.75 for print and $7 for the ebook.

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