Museum of Deviant Desires – cheap, for one week only!

Cover image, The Museum of Deviant Desires

Cover image, The Museum of Deviant Desires

For one week, i.e. until Weds 17 October, The Museum of Deviant Desires is available at the lower price of $0.99 in the US (plus any taxes applicable where you live, like VAT or GST – so it may show at a slightly higher price e.g. $1.24) or £0.77 in the UK. Because it’s not in the Kindle Select programme that’s the lowest price Amazon allows it to be, due to their internal charges etc. So get your copy from or before it goes back up to the regular price.

What you’ll be buying is a novella-length collection of 11 short stories ranging across men’s adventure magazines with their sleazy sexploitation and politically incorrect pictures of tortured women; sex and bondage in an abandoned building and a burned-out car wreck; sex, photography, and the internet, the technosexuality of vacuum cleaners, and what characters in bdsm stories think about the painful pleasures the author inflicts on them. The title story explores the late-night weirdness of sex, perversion, and fetish at a music festival.

And the review on describes it as: sexy and cerebral; breezy, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny and utterly addictive … establishes fascinating new paradigms for the next generation of erotic fiction … a trenchant critique of contemporary erotic literature with its finger firmly on the g-spot of popular culture; a tasty treat, not to be missed.

It’s published by 1001 Nights Press, which has been busy building a reputation for publishing mostly shorter collections and stories in various niches of erotica.

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