Foteviken slave trade?

This is more a request for information than anything.

Foteviken is a place in Sweden that was, historically, a viking settlement. It’s now a museum, an archaeological site, and a venue for viking re-enactment weekends. Information is available from site’s own website (this links to the English version), the illustrious publication Viking Today and it’s even listed in a Lonely Planet guide. Looks like a lot of fun. And this year’s Viking Week is at the end of this month, 25 June-1 July (we won’t be there though, since our plans are to be in Scotland around that time).

Check out the videos of the re-enactment weekends (links to, but it’s easily searchable on Youtube as well) and you’ll see extensive coverage of that ancient viking tradition, the slave trade; mainly this involves women being tied up and sold off the auction block. It’s all pretty cool and done with a great deal of obvious good humour and enjoyment.

But the question is this: after the women have been auctioned off at prices of (usually) around twenty ‘crowns’, what happens to them? What demands are made of them? Are they just bought back by their partners, and what happens if not?  20 actual Swedish crowns, or krona, incidentally, would only be a little over £2 or a bit under $3, so on that basis slaves aren’t expensive! But who gets the money?

It’s a cool basis for a piece of fiction, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who’s been there and knows, or who’s been sold at auction (or bought a slave at auction) at any other re-enactment meetings. Are there conditions imposed on the sale, how much fun was had and of what kind(s)? We know how the ‘slave auction’ deal works at fetish events, where it’s done from time to time, mostly to raise money for a good cause. But are re-enactment weekends a little more restrictive about the rights of the purchasers?

3 thoughts on “Foteviken slave trade?

  1. Hi, I am Holger (the blond one in the films who shows the girls always) my swed. friend and Partner Carl did already answer your questions. I can only confirm everything what he wrote.
    For further requests feel free to contact us. I am coming also next week to York for the Viking Festival. But only for fun. Take care. cu Holger

    • Thank you for this (and your colleague’s comment by email). It’s an interesting area. Slave auctions are sometimes held at fetish events here, usually with the money going to support a charity and the auctioned slaves only being the property of the successful bidder for the remainder of the event. There are also, usually, limits on what bidders are entitled to do with their slaves, based on the venue’s license and the slave’s hard limits.
      So it’s interesting to see how the idea of slave auctions is carried out in different places, and also interesting to see your colleague’s comment that in Foteviken, there have been cases of romance and even marriage resulting from the ‘slave trade’!

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