Male domestic violence – a note

This is just to point you to BillieRosie’s blog post about the rising incidence of female abusers and male victims in domestic violence cases.

While the majority of cases are still male abusers and female victims, the situation is no longer as clear-cut as it once was. And for that matter, from other sources and contacts, we’re aware that domestic abuse and violence can also occur in gay relationships and between carers and their dependents. In the last couple of years, it turns out, organisations like housing associations – which are required to have policies on how to deal with domestic abuse cases, provide support to victims, etc. – have in at least some cases been rewriting those policies to reflect the trend, using more gender-neutral terminology and looking past the stereotypes to work out how to provide an effective response whatever the situation.

Much as this blog takes a liberal and laissez-faire attitude to matters of sex and relationships, it’s also important to remember that there are real social problems out there that do real damage to people’s lives. Victims need to be supported, and perpetrators stopped.

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