The Museum of Deviant Desires – out now

Cover image, The Museum of Deviant Desires

Cover image, The Museum of Deviant Desires

We’re delighted to announce that Fulani’s collection of short stories, The Museum of Deviant Desires, is out today. It’s published by 1001 Nights Press, the brainchild of erotica author Sharazade (who you’ll see sometimes as a commenter on previous posts here) and in the course of barely a couple of months it’s become established as one of the most innovative and successful small e-publishers around.

The blurb for the book is as follows:

Eleven erotic stories to excite, entertain, enthrall, and overstimulate the imagination. In no particular order, they cover the attractions of men’s adventure magazines with their sleazy sexploitation and politically incorrect pictures of tortured women; sex and bondage in an abandoned building and a burned-out car wreck; and sex, photography, and the internet. They investigate the sense of anticipation just before a corporal punishment scene, and what characters in bdsm stories think about the painful pleasures the author inflicts on them. They explore internet piracy and how royalties may be collected in the future. And they expose you to the late-night weirdness of sex, perversion, and fetish at a music festival. And then there’s the question of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners can be erotic in a technosexual kind of way.

Fulani is a master of erotic writing and a prolific author whose recent publications include the lesbian vampire novella “The Vampire Skye,” and stories of sex, fetish, and bondage in the bohemian world of “Hanging Around.” Rich with insights into the passion that attracts and binds, his distinctive dark erotica blends bdsm, fetish, and futuristic themes with imagination and humor.

In other words, expect a lot of bondage and bdsm, and a certain amount of strangeness involving vacuum cleaners. The title story is ‘The Museum of Deviant Desires’ but in its own way, the whole collection functions as exactly that kind of ‘museum’, presenting and exploring a bunch of different ideas related to bdsm and desire.

If you follow this blog, some of the stories will be a little familiar. Several have previously been published here (in fact, those versions are still here – we haven’t pulled them) or Fulani’s other blog (ditto) though there’s new content as well, and the previously-published stories have been re-edited, re-worked, extended, and in all but a couple of cases are now rather different from the originals.

The advantage of the book format, apart from the new content, is its appeal to a wider audience. And it’s a small enough amount of money ($3.99 if you’re buying in the US) for the convenience of having the stories collected in one easily-readable place rather than navigating back through 250-odd posts spread across two blogs.

As of a couple of hours ago it was only available on Smashwords but in the course of the next day or two expect to see it on, and a bunch of other places. We’ll post up the additional links as they come through.

*** Update: also now at 1eroticaebooks (pdf, prc, lit and epub formats) and Barnes & Noble (for Nook users),  and A couple more options to follow! ***

Thank you for your attention. Normal service will be resumed shortly!

2 thoughts on “The Museum of Deviant Desires – out now

  1. You are live on Amazon now! Well… some Amazons. You’re showing on the US site, and also in Spain and Italy. The UK, Germany, and France are lagging. Amazon moves in mysterious ways, what can I say.

    But here’s the US link:

    And I know that the UK link, when it comes, will be this:

    Also up at Barnes & Noble and 1EroticaEbooks, and soon at Oysters & Chocolate.

    It’s a great collection! I’m very pleased to have been able to publish it.

    ~ Shar

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