Something to read and somewhere to go

Making her Pay - front cover

Making her pay – front cover

A quick roundup of stuff here.

Firstly, Fulani’s short story ‘Filthy White Dress’ is just out in the Xcite collection Making Her Pay, a five-story ebook with works by (in order of appearance)  Veronica Wilde (her story title is also the collection title), Mary Borsellino, Fulani, Victoria Blisse and Maxim Jakubowski.

You may find it interesting because it’s the first time outside of this blog and Fulani’s other blog that he’s had any of his Nu Fetish-inspired work commercially published. If you want to know more about Nu Fetish, just check back a couple of posts on this blog and you’ll find more description and discussion of it.

Here’s how ‘Filthy White Dress’ begins:

Chloe sits in the Aztec Bar, sipping a mocha coffee. The bar is nowhere near Mexico – it’s on the third floor of a city centre hotel – and the name was probably chosen to reflect the gaudy décor in maroon and gold.

The men in suits who populate this bar, most of them networking, negotiating, buying or selling, look in Chloe’s direction occasionally. Their eyes register curiosity or, sometimes, lust. She knows what they’re thinking. They’re trying to work out if she’s someone’s mistress or lover, a professional escort waiting for a client, or a prostitute. They’re thinking this because she’s half their age, has out-of-the-bottle chestnut hair almost long enough to sit on, and wears a little black dress that shows a lot of leg and ankle boots with four-inch heels.

The fact is, she’s reading a book called Drama/Theatre/Performance and getting her head around the theories of action, alienation, catharsis, character and representation. She’s reading it on her Kindle, though, so for all anyone else in the room knows she could be reading some hot erotica.

She’s reading the book because she’s waiting for someone to come down from the fifth floor. 

And the blurb: Chloe doesn’t get the job. What she does get, by way of compensation, is dinner with the mysterious but attractive Dr. Vogel. He’s insistent she should wear a white dress, but it’s what he wants her to do while wearing it that’s kinky and slightly surreal. Their unlikely relationship flowers, though, and Chloe finds herself drawn into his colour-coded world.

The five-story collection is abstracted from a longer 20-story collection, Tricks for Kicks, which will be out in May – so look out for that as well.

Secondly: there’s a Festival of Erotic Arts in Edinburgh, Scotland, 22-24 June 2012: it’s ‘dedicated to the multi-disciplinary art forms which make up the Erotic Arts’. So there’s art, performance, cabaret, seminars, workshops, readings, short films, a workshop and a club night or two. Not sure yet if we’re going to be there ourselves (and we’re not involved in any of the events) but it’s a possibility because we’ve been planning a break in Scotland sometime in the summer anyway…

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