Pole-dancing robots!

This must be crossover territory between Nu Fetish, gynoids and cybersex – pole-dancing robots.

The CeBIT tech fair in Hanover, Germany, running until 10 March, features a pair of robot pole dancers made from old car parts, along with a robot DJ who plays the music they gyrate to. The idea came from Julian Hangschlit and the robots were designed by British robot-maker-cum-artist Giles Walker, are driven by old car motors and their moves are controlled by computer via wireless technology.

Pics and more info: Physorg.com or Rawstory.com (they have the same stuff) – and more pics and a short video at Walker’s website (explore the other parts of his website for similarly strange robots including a cyber-beggar (complete with cyber-dog), robot priest and, for those who are knowledgeable about UK culture and get the reference, a pair of cyber-chavs.

It turns out the robots weren’t made especially for this exhibition – they previously appeared a couple of years ago in a Mutate Britain exhibition in London (here’s a short Vimeo clip and a YouTube clip). But their CeBIT appearance has certainly attracted a lot of attention.

You don’t see the robot pole-dancers swinging around their poles, climbing them or performing acrobatics – but a quick inspection of YouTube indicates there are already plenty of dancing robots, climbing robots, and of course the notorious Japanese gynoids (Aiko, Actroid, EveR-1, Meinu and others). So there will probably be some performing next year, then… and the year after, in a ‘gentleman’s club’ near you…

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