New free fiction on Fulani’s Limited Attention Span

The second episode of the moving house saga, ‘Sex and the homeless’, is now finished: it’s not on here though, because these stories are appearing alternately here and on Fulani’s other blog, Fulani’s Limited Attention Span. You’ll have to go there to read it (it’ll open in a new window). The first story in the sequence. ‘Memory Dump’, was a little while back on this blog. The third story , in a week or so, will be back on this blog again.

I may have mentioned our own move was delayed in the way the story depicts, by a lawyerly fuck-up, as a result of which we had a night in a motel before the transaction went through and we got the keys. Hence the inspiration for the story – 2700 words of smut, and you can have fun trying to guess how much or how little of what’s laid down there actually took place.

So, to recap: ‘Sex and the homeless’, erotic story, now up as a blog post on Fulani’s Limited Attention Span; go there, read, enjoy.

Have fun!

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