A voice from the past!

Well, not literally. But about 15 months ago I had a story, ‘The Incubus Candle’, in a paranormal erotica collection ‘Spirit Lovers’ that was published by Xcite.

I’ve just been told (because I don’t often go looking for reviews, I spend my time writing new stuff) that the collection was reviewed by Rachel Sparkes, on Amazon.com, in April last year. Of the book as a whole, the headline comments were: “Wow – what an amazing collection of stories. I had high expectations of this book and I was not disappointed in any way. From start to finish the pace is fast and furious with no let up. The sex is relentless and each story is beautifully written. I literally could not tear myself away from it […] I can’t recommend this enough; it’s a ‘must-read’. Download it now!”

Of my story she says: “The Incubus Candle is a brilliant romp through every girl’s fantasy, erotic and naughty, and incredibly sexy and is a fabulous beginning to a brilliant book, which just goes from strength to strength.”

So that’s a nice thing to discover on a day that’s been spent largely trying to find time to write even a word or two of the next novella and/or finish off a novel that’s only a couple of chapters from being done. And presumably in the next few months I might start seeing some reviews of things I published at the back end of 2010??

Just for reference, the review has been reposted on a new erotic book review site, rudereads.wordpress.com, which in its ‘About’ section clearly indicates its affiliation to Xcite but does review books from other publishers as well.

Still not had a chance to put any flash fiction on here. Many ideas, just not enough time to put electrons in the right order on the screen… But maybe some instructional bondage-related stuff next, because I have it more or less to hand?

Have fun
– Fulani

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