We’re back

We’ve been away and now we’re back, having covered, roughly speaking, 1,000 miles in 8 days. It was pretty full-on though not particularly fetish-related. Lots of little things we did and places we saw, and conversations we had, worked on our imaginations in ways that could easily find their way into stories at some later date. Give us a few days…
Fulani came back to an email announcing that an interview he did with Renaissance Sizzler for their blog came out while we were away – you can read it here (opens in new window). The interview includes a teaser for Hanging Around (link opens in a new window), his collection of BDSM stories based in a somewhat bohemian/artistic subculture. Renaissance Sizzler published it a couple of months ago.
Meanwhile, here’s a pic taken at a campsite: it was on the side of an old campervan that was in pristine condition but seemed to be either stored on the site, or possibly used by the owners themselves. We liked it, anyway. Or identified with it, or something.

Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash

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