Congratulations to Xcite Books!

The pic on the left is Hazel Cushion, founder of Xcite Books, accepting the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand award 2011. Xcite Books is an erotic imprint of Accent Press, a UK publishing company founded by Hazel Cushion. Accent Press as a whole publish quite a range, from crime thrillers to business and management books to erotica, with the erotica running under the Xcite label. Hazel herself has also previously won a Women in Publishing Award and was ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2004, only a year after she started the company.

Hazel started Accent Press – Xcite is an Accent Press imprint – in 2003 after completing an MA in Creative Writing when her triplets were five years old. Commenting on this latest award Hazel said, “I’m so proud of Xcite – it’s a wonderful range but its success comes from the quality of our authors and editors.”

The ETO (stands for ‘Erotic Trade Only’) is the UK’s annual adult industry trade show. It took place last week (26-27 June) and no, we don’t have a complete list of who won which of the 22 awards given out across all the categories!

Oh yeah – and we both write for Xcite. But then you already knew that, didn’t you.

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