Adult Ebook Shop now stocks ‘Secret Circus’ and ‘Hanging Around’

Just had an email from Adult Ebook Shop, a UK based site, announcing they now have agreements with both Pink Flamingo and Renaissance to stock my books.

The link for both titles is

This will make it easier for peeps in the UK to order and pay in sterling rather than dollars.

They also have a bio of me (admittedly patched together from back cover blurbs) at

In other news – not been posting much here the last few days because both of us have been writing a lot and working on some other things that will hopefully see light of day (or light of electrons on computer screens!) quite soon. And no, I’m not dropping any hints. Just wait.

2 thoughts on “Adult Ebook Shop now stocks ‘Secret Circus’ and ‘Hanging Around’

  1. Thank you! AdultEbookShop is of course a virtual shelf and Hanging Around is only available as an ebook (though Pink Flamingo do sell physical copies of the Secret Circus). I think all of us writers like the idea of being able to walk into a bookshop and see our books on the shelves, but electronic delivery is where it’s at these days and I’ll settle for that!

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