Collared and Cuffed. New product review by Velvet Tripp

Purple edged restraint set

Purple edged restraint set

I promised you more in the way of product reviews and recently an opportunity came to try out this superb collar and cuff set from Freak Clubwear. Freak don’t go for elaborate product names – these are simply described on their website as a ‘Purple Edged Padded Set’.

We already have a collection of thick, hard black leather cuffs, purchased from various vendors over the last decade or so – they look great, but can rub and cut into my skin on the edges. I’m only small, and so are my wrists and ankles, so I often find cuffs are too big and clumsy, and can’t be tightened enough.

Not so with this set. They have a velcro fastening as well as buckles, making them fully adjustable and Freak take your wrist/ankle size when you order, ensuring your cuffs fit you perfectly. They are very soft yet extremely strong and will take a fair bit of strain and pulling around. I examined them after play as I feared causing any damage to them – we tend to play quite hard – but they look like new. Despite three hours of stress and strain, I cannot see as much as a loose stitch.

These are huge advantages when playing, as there was no unwanted distraction from the play itself coming from any of my restraints, leaving me to concentrate on the good stuff. They’re lined with violet suede which wraps around the trim to the front of the cuffs, so they’re good to look at, too. The wraparound means no hard edges cutting into your skin, however much you’re dragged around, strung up or resisting!

Purple edged cuffs

Purple edged cuffs

The set comprises a collar, two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs, but collars and pairs of cuffs can also be purchased as individual items – here’s a link to the cuffs set.

Suede smells, looks and feels good on the skin, and I was very tempted to leave the whole set on overnight. I’m sure they would be fantastic and I’d soon forget they were there. All in all they’re pretty much the best I’ve worn and would recommend them highly to anyone wanting a strong set of great looking, great functioning restraints for long nights of intense fun.

In fact I liked the cuffs so much that rather than hand them back to Freak, I paid actual money and bought them!

Go on, treat yourself.

One thought on “Collared and Cuffed. New product review by Velvet Tripp

  1. Purple is so you too! They look great, Freak produce some fantastic stuff, saw their stall at Carnival of Souls a few years back. They’ve been around a while so they obviously know what they are doing….Mmmmm me thinks a set of those would be an interesting birthday present for my boyfriend this month!
    Thanks again for a great review. x

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