Stunning images from Boundcon VIII

I was going to do a mundane post about the books on bondage I’ve found most useful in the past, and some stuff on safety as a follow-up to the demo last night (which went extremely well, and big thanks to the three bondage bunnies including Velvet Tripp who made it possible). But then something popped into my inbox. Have a look at these bondage performances videoed at Boundcon VIII, the European fetish convention that took place last week in Munich and uploaded to Vimeo.

They feature amazing circus-like bondage performances from Damon Pierce and Claire Adams, Bondage Tango, Tatoo, Dragonrope, MaestroBD, House of Gord, Ropemarks, and Bondage Project. The staging, the athleticism of the bondage subjects, the imaginative use of rope, the whole dynamic of the performances – this is really bondage at the highest level and done in spectacular fashion. I’ll be raving about this for months. Be prepared to sit and be entranced for quite a while, though; the performances average around 20 minutes apiece…

(PS – link to performances edited 22 May as the original link was to the blog of a fetish club where they were shown as embedded material, and the videomaker asked to have removed so they’re no longer available from that source – I’ve backtracked instead to the legitimate source on Vimeo.)

One thought on “Stunning images from Boundcon VIII

  1. I love it when “things” pop in your INBOX….well not yours, I mean mine! lol
    Always worried I won’t have enough HARD drive space, or enough RAM to look at pics. lol
    Just off to check out the photos xx

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