Happiness is…six of the best

We were chatting over the weekend. Of course everyone is different (thanks goodness) and we wondered, having watched a hackneyed movie quoting what happiness is…what is it in Sexual or BDSM terms? Here are my six of the best.

Happiness is…anticipation of a play session
Happiness is…fire and ice. First candles, then ice cubes. Whilste spreadeagled to the bed, of course.
Happiness is…the nipple clamps coming off!
Happiness is…three forced orgasms in a row
Happiness is…curling up in my dom’s arms when he releases me from my bonds
Happiness is…falling asleep with the rope marks and feelings still on my body.

Don’t be shy. what are your six of the best. We’d love to know…..comments please

3 thoughts on “Happiness is…six of the best

  1. one of mine wouldn’t be when the nipple clamps off, I once clipped a nipple clamp to one nipple and one to one of my testicles, forgot all about them till I stood up rather too quickly OUCH!!!!

    six of the best? MMMmmmm takes some thought..

    # My boyfrend’s growl when he comes!
    # The shock of an unexpected smack on bare bum cheeks.
    # The feel of someone squirming under you as you take their sexual pleasure to new dizzying heights
    # The slight aftertaste of something salty on your lips
    # That lovely sighing your body does when it gives way to someone’s control
    # Being on the edge of orgasm for an hour, and that final release!

    Phewww…..feel terribly erm…….errrrrrmmmm GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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