New on Jane’s Guide!

We’ve just noticed two of our friends have also now appeared in the Jane’s Guide new listings.

Sharazade, Jane’s Guide says, is ‘a professional writer, editor, and consultant that has a real love for writing smoldering erotica that takes its time with the reader.’ Absolutely. Oh, and she has a collection of stories out, ‘Transported’, that are broadly about sex and travel. Well worth reading, and available direct from the publisher, on Smashwords and from several other places – the full list of links is on Sharazade’s blog.

It was Sharazade who first suggested to us that we should submit DeliciouslyDeviant to Jane’s Guide, so it’s hugely gratifying to see her blog listed there as well.

Erotic Review is a ‘London-based literary magazine that publishes original fiction, editorials, reviews, art, and much more … to get a feel for the publication, they allow you to look over three free issues! Other free areas of the site include a blog and a reviews section. Subscribers to the site gain access to all of the back issues (which as of this review included 18 full issues) and 3 entire books from the Erotic Prints Collection. If you enjoy literate smut, this is a great treat to give yourself!’

We have a great fondness for Erotic Review because it was the place that published Fulani’s very first erotic story. It’s had a chequered history and runs on a shoestring. It has a deliberately retro feel in parts – for example in the illustrations and line drawings, though not the photography. Some of the contributors are people like high profile journalists in areas such as political reporting, and who are prepared to go on record with sex-positive and pro-erotica views. Oh, and some of the fiction is pretty deviant.

Founded in 1995 by Jamie Maclean, it went through a number of incarnations and owners until Jamie bought it back and relaunched it in 2007. One amusing personal detail, well-known in London circles and on Wikipedia – Jamie is the son of Sir Fitzroy Maclean, a British secret agent in World War II and reputed to be one of several inspirations for Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

Jamie is on record as saying “I wanted to bring something out that made people think of sex in a more responsible way. Or even an irresponsible way, as long as it made them think.”

While Jamie remains editor, ER is currently owned by his long-term associate and frequent ER contributor Kate Copstick, whose background includes a degree in law and work as an actress, stand-up comedian, journalist, children’s TV presenter, motor racing TV presenter, TV producer, judge at the Perrier comedy awards and patron of an HIV charity. Apart from all that she’s also very out about being bisexual. Perhaps her best-known quote, from the days when she was a presenter of a children’s TV show: “You should see what went on, off-camera, on Playschool: very educational”.

The Independent newspaper has published a couple of articles about ER’s struggles to survive, including the one the Copstick quote comes from and a report that the experiences of one of ER’s former editors, Rowan Pelling, are to be the basis for a Hollywood film. (Incidentally the article describes ER as ‘defunct’, which it clearly isn’t – a mistake the newspaper has made on a couple of occasions now!)

It’s about time Erotic Review did well – so much effort has gone into it over the years, and almost uniquely it has both a mainstream respectability and a transgressive edge, with a combination of both serious and humorous material. So it’s really pleasing to see it now listed at Jane’s Guide.

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