Photos at an exhibition – free erotic/strange flash fiction by Fulani

The following comprises a page of a catalog from a photographic exhibition. The page – it would have been a right-hand page – had been cut from the catalog. The running head on the page identifies the photographer as ‘Felix M’.
Each entry comprises a title for the image and the photographer’s commentary. The pictures themselves would probably have been on the facing (left hand) page and are therefore not available to us. We may speulate, given some of the incidental details described, that they would have been taken with a large-format film camera of the kind often used in the 1960s – a Rolleiflex, say. The name of the gallery would probably have been contained in the running head on the left-hand page and so is also lost.

#18 – The Appliance of Sex
I wanted to capture a collision of multiple worlds. There is the ordinary domestic world in which vacuum cleaners are typical domestic appliances. At the same time, they can have ‘scientific’ and ‘engineering’ connotations through the design choices – angles, colors and so forth. And at the same time again, the domestic sphere might be considered one of both sexuality and patriarchy in which the hard lines of a vacuum cleaner might at the same time stand as some kind of technical sex toy, something a woman might desire. Something that might fulfill her sexuality better than a man would be able to.
A woman’s body is soft but her desires have hard edges. Perhaps in the future men will need to become more like domestic appliances.
Black and white print.

#19 – Fellatio in light and shade
This photo explores the idea of the abstract vernacular. I mean this in the same sense that one talks about the vernacular in architecture, to mean something built using locally available resources, cultures and so on, and intended to address similarly local and specific functions and meanings.
We all have a native appreciation of the abstract – it’s what we might see in the morning as our eyes refuse to focus after a heavy night of drinking, or when one’s brain, in processing the sensations of an orgasm, ceases to interpret objects in our field of vision.
In this case the reverse is true. I pointed the camera at a sexual act but a combination of technical factors – focus, aperture, shutter speed, movement – meant that the result was abstract. Does knowledge of the subject matter influence the way you interpret it? Would it be possible to treat it as an expressionist, rather than abstract, study – an orgasm in light and shade, for example?
Black and white print.

#20 – Crucifix sur l’herbe
I wanted to do an hommage to two very different paintings, one somewhat risque in its subject matter and the other in its style. The idea of the Crucifixion – in practice, a fairly standard form of execution for non-Romans in Roman times – has been a central icon of Western religious culture for around two millennia. The question I asked myself, and which motivates this picture, is: has the amount of energy expended on representations of the Crucifixion resulted in it being eroticized?
Black and white print.

#21 – The imaginative leap
Take the photograph at face value: it was of a ‘found object’, a crumpled piece of paper blowing along a street, the factory wall behind offering a simple and slightly out-of-focus blank background.
Look, though, at the curve in the edge of the paper. And remember that product designers, whether of cars, bottles, or even household items such as lemon squeezers, have a vocabulary, a taxonomy, of curves. Curve has purpose and meaning, even if it appears as a random feature of a discarded item. Curve can be dissociated from the object itself.
It is my contention that this ball of paper, a leaflet possibly for a political movement, in fact offers the promise of sex with a stranger while on a train journey to a possibly dangerous location.
Sepia print.


Yes, I have a collection of stories coming out shortly. Yes, these pictures are mentioned in a couple of the stories… More details soon…

2 thoughts on “Photos at an exhibition – free erotic/strange flash fiction by Fulani

  1. Well, yes! But tease can be fun, I think. To be honest I’m expecting the collection to be out any day now – as far as I know we’re just waiting on the cover to be finalised.

    Plus, I hope it stands as a bit of flash fiction in its own right!

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