Contract for Sex At Work

I had an email this morning. It was from my publisher (Xcite Books uk) or .com for a short story I wrote last year and which is due to be published, I believe, around March time. I had to laugh. The subject line of the email relates to the theme of the collection my story will be in which is Sex At Work. So the subject line actually reads ‘Contract for sex at work’! Wonderful. I wish I could get a permanent contract like that. License to have fun or what? The mind fairly boggles at the thought. Would any real work get done under a contract such as this? Would anyone be sat at their desks or on the shop floor (giggle – they might, but with a contract like that what would they be DOING on the shop floor?). Ideas on a postcard please (or in comments). We’d love to hear from you. Happy new year and I hope your sexploits this year are all happy and memorable ones.

Velvet Tripp

4 thoughts on “Contract for Sex At Work

  1. Ah, yes, Velvet, all very funny until something goes wrong, and you find yourself up for disciplinary action for not fulfilling your obligations for sex at work (or, worse, for not fulfilling them correctly!). Although…. come to think of it… that scenario has some intriguing possibilities too!

    Congrats on the story acceptance!

    • Ha ha ha Sharazade! Yes, all sorts of possibilities here. What kind of discipline I wonder? Some people might like that. You’ll have to wait for the story to find out what I did dream up! Thanks for the congrats!

  2. Fabulous….I started with the organisation I work for because they had a really good sexual harrassment policy in place…but I’ve been here nearly four years and nothing has happened yet! should I sue for breach of contract? lol

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