Happy Christmas – and post-Christmas fetish activities!


Image courtesy of Jon Wilson

Christmas is often a time for family. A lot of people who are into fetish find themselves occupied – like everyone else – with the round of present-buying, decorating, cooking, entertaining, and religious services (if they’re so inclined).
If that describes you, have a good Christmas!
There are some people whose festivities are entirely fetish-orientated because they’re in that kind of relationship and have those kinds of friends.
If that describes you, have a good Christmas!
And there are those who for one reason or another are spending Christmas alone. Both Velvet and Fulani have experienced that several times, before they met. If you’re in that situation, we are the living proof that the best thing to do is relax, be comfortable with yourself, and trust that good things will happen in the future – because when you’re relaxed and happy good things do tend to happen. Trust us, and have a good Christmas!
Whichever category you fall into, by the day after Boxing Day the fetishless life may have grown a bit tedious. If you want to know where you can go and what to do, there are a couple of useful websites that will tell you. One is Informed Consent, which is a UK based site. The other is Fetlife, which is international but with the US heavily represented.
Both are membership-only but free to join, and you can quickly set up profiles on them. IC has probably the most comprehensive UK events listing and Fetlife has listings across the US, the UK and Europe – if not quite as thoughtfully organised. Both sites cover club events and munches (‘vanilla’ meetings in pubs or bars where everyone looks normal-ish and there’s conversation but no play).
Many munches and club nights also have their own Google Groups or Yahoo Groups pages, though you may have to hunt a bit to find them.
If you haven’t been to a particular munch before, remember it’s good form to contact the organiser first to let them know you’re coming. Many will be happy to arrange a ‘meeter and greeter’ for new attendees as well, to make sure you feel comfortable.
Here’s hoping you can relax and enjoy the festivities, and then find good things to do once you’re Christmassed-out!


The pic used in this post was supplied by a friend of ours, Jon Wilson. His website isn’t online at the moment but if you like his pic and are interested in buying prints of his work we can put you in touch with him. Use the contact form on our ‘About’ page.

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